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WRC Appearance Rules and Guidelines

The following is provided to assist you in making requests for the Washington Football Team Cheerleaders. This information is established to serve as a set of working guidelines for your general planning purposes, and to set forth certain rules governing all appearances.

All requests must be submitted in writing using the Appearance Request Form. Please furnish as much detailed information as possible. If the event is for a charitable cause, requests must be sent to the Cheerleaders administrative office no less than four weeks prior to your event to allow maximum time for scheduling.

During all appearances, the Washington Football Cheerleaders must always be provided water and/or a beverage, especially when performing. The Cheerleaders can assist with registering guests, selling raffle tickets, placing name tags, or giving awards. They can also perform dance routines, pose for photos, sign autographs or simply mingle with the attendees.


Rates vary depending upon the type of appearance requested. All payments must be received prior to the start of the appearance. All events must reimburse cheerleaders*parking.* Any cancellation fees are due upon notice of cancellation. Payment by credit card will require an additional 3% processing fee.

Autograph Signings

During each appearance the Washington Football Cheerleaders will sign autographs. A skirted table or booth must be placed with seating for the Cheerleaders during any autograph signings. The Washington Cheerleaders will provide 200 full color squad photographs. These photographs are included

in the appearance fee. Additional copies may be purchased for twenty cents each. Fans also have the opportunity to purchase a copy of the 16-month calendar.


If a dance performance is requested, a minimum of six (6) Cheerleaders must be booked. A sound system, with a CD player, must be provided. The Cheerleaders will bring their music on CD.

Variety Show Performance

The Washington Football Team Cheerleaders Variety Show is a sure hit at your next event. This one-hour production comes complete with costumes and vocalists and will entertain, captivate and inspire any audience. If you want to add even more excitement to your event, then our Custom Variety Show is just for you. This program is choreographed and costumed to fit the theme of your event. There are nine segments to choose from, each with their own costume and flavor, including Rock and Roll, Latin, Country, and Broadway. Please contact the Cheerleader office for more details.


The Washington Football Team Cheerleaders are available for appearances all year round. Please keep in mind that all of the Cheerleaders either have full-time jobs or attend college full-time. Due to this, a limited number of Cheerleaders are available for appearances during normal business hours. You will be notified on availability after the request form has been received.

Publicity, Advertising, Use of Photographs

Written authorization from the Washington Football Team is required before you promote or publicize the Cheerleaders' appearance at your event, including radio, print, or television advertisements, flyers and posters

promoting the event and any use you make of photographs of the Cheerleaders at the event. Before

you promote a Washington Football Cheerleader appearance, please confirm all details with the Washington Cheerleaders management. No use of Washington Football Team or Cheerleader marks is permitted without our express advance written approval.

Thank you for your interest in making the Washington Football Team Cheerleaders part of your event.