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Military Tour

The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders (WRC), also known as the First Ladies of Football, have chosen as a team to dedicate much of their time and energy to military service men and women and their families.  Since the 1970's we have visited the injured at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.


1983 was our very first service to the Armed Services overseas in which we filmed a 64-second Christmas greeting.  It was broadcasted regularly during the Holiday season through the Armed Forces Radio and Television network around the world, and was seen on all the deployed ships through their closed circuit television system.  The First military tour overseas was in 1984, entertaining the armed forces in Turkey, Italy, Sicily, Spain, and the 6th fleet off the coast of France.   As of August 22, 2016 we have been on more than 52 tours outside the US to bring a touch of home to all the men and women around the world.

The women of WRC truly enjoy volunteering their time to visit and entertain our troops and military families several times a year; and especially during tough holidays to be away from home like Thanksgiving and Christmas. The First Ladies of Football were the first entertainers to go to the front lines of the Kosovo War in July of 1999 and also the first entertainers to tour the entire country of Iraq in one tour; visiting 20 FOB's and Camps.


Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Variety Show

In 1998 a 90 –minute Varity show that is dedicated to performing for the US Armed Forces was created. Today, the show is an elaborately costumed 12 segment theatrical production!

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Stateside Military Tours:
Eglin Air Force Base, Florida - 8 Different ToursU.S.S. Eisenhower April 2012 (Adopt a Soldier Platoon)
Andrews Air Force BaseFt. Belvoir Army Post
8th and I Marine BarracksFt. Eustis Army Post
Washington Navy YardFt. Meade Army Post
PAX River Naval Air StationQuantico Marine Base
US Naval AcademyFt. Hood Army Post, Texas
Joint Base Anacostia-BolingFleet Week NYC
The PentagonHenderson Hall Marine Base
Joint tour with Texans and Ravens for Local MD, DC and VA Tour of bases, Walter Reed June 2011

International Variety Show

With this show; The First Ladies of Football have performed for hundreds of thousands of active duty, retired, military members and their families, visited them at their duty stations and in their DOD schools. WRC has also organized and instructed youth camps on military installation all around the world.

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1984 - 2009 International Tours:
Europe Tour 1984 (USO)Caribbean Tour August 2004 (AFE)
Balkans Tour 1999 (AFE)Middle East Tour July 2005 (AFE)
Middle East tour 2000 (AFE)Middle East Tour August 2005 (AFE)
Pacific Tour 2001 (AFE)Guantanamo Bay NEX Military Appreciation Tour Nov 2005 (with Skechers and AFE)
Alaska Tour 2001 (AFE)Pacific Tour 2005 (AFE)
Winter Tour 2002 (AFE)Honduras August 2006 (AFE)
Middle East July 2003 (AFE)Middle East 2006 (AFE)
Balkans Tour July 2003 (AFE)Guantanamo Bay NEX Military Appreciation Tour Nov 2006 (with Skechers and AFE)
Mediterranean Tour July 2003 (AFE)Sgt Major of the Army Holiday Tour Dec 2006 (USO)
Al Franken 2003 (USO)Iraq Nov 2007 (AKA through AFE)
Balkans Tour October 2003 (AFE)Afghanistan February 2007 (AKA through AFE)
2 Joint tours with Washington Wizards in SW Asia November 2003 (AFE)Germany Military Hospital Visit with Chargers, Vikings, Buccaneers and the Beach Boys
Iceland 2004 (AFE)Guantanamo Bay Cuba, Honduras, Puerto Rico February 2008 (AFE)
Europe March 2004 (AFE)European Tour October 2008 (AFE)
Iraq February 2004 (AFE)SW Asia Jan/Feb 2009 (AFE)

International Variety Show '10 - Present

Coming from our Nation's Capital, The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders have dedicated the last four decades to boosting the morale of our service members and their families. From the SIDELINES we go to the FRONTLINES to bring smiles and praise to those far from home.

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2010 - Present International Tours:
Greenland 2010 (AFEGuam/Hawaii Feb 2014 (AFE/ ProTour Productions) with fellow NFL Cheerleaders
Afghanistan Oct 2010 (Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon/AFE)Afghanistan, Qatar, Jordan & Kuwait with NFL Alumni Players (AFE)
Iraq March 2011 (AKA)50th Tour to SWA Fall 2015 (AFE)
Afghanistan Sept 2011 (AFE)Korea Feb 2016 (Protour productions)
Egypt Nov 2011 (AFE)Hawaii and Australia Feb 2016 (Protour Productions)
Kuwait Dec 2011 (Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon/AFE)Puerto Rico & Curacao Sept 2016 (AFE)
Guam (AFE Pro Bowl tour) February 2012Bahrain Dec 2016 (AFE)
Djibouti, Africa September 2012 (AFE)Middle East Feb 2017 with NFL Alumni (AFE)
Kuwait, UAE, Oman, and Qatar with Alumni players (AFE) September 2012Europe Tour Sept 2017 with NFL Alumni (AFE)
Portugal, Turkey, Italy Jan-Feb 2013 (AFE) with Alumni NFL playersSouthwest Asia Nov 2017(AFE)
Japan, Feb 2013 (AFE/ProTour Productions) with other NFL CheerleadersWestern Europe Jan 2018 with NFL Alumni (AFE)
Djibouti, Africa September 2013 (ProTour Productions/AFE) with Colts CheerleadersIraq Feb 2018 with NFL Alumni & Active players (AFE)
Japan, Feb 2014 (ProTour Productions/AFE) with fellow NFL CheerleadersAustralia Super Bowl Tour with fellow NFL Cheerleaders Feb 2018 (AFE/ProTour Productions)
Afghanistan, Jan-Feb 2014 (AFE and Adopt-a-Soldier Platoon)Korea Super Bowl Tour with fellow NFL Cheerleaders Feb 2018(AFE/ProTour Productions)
Australia Feb 2014 (AFE/ProTour Productions) with other NFL CheerleadersCaribbean Super Bowl Tour with fellow NFL Cheerleaders Feb 2018 (AFE/ProTour Productions)
Alaska Feb 2014 (AFE/ProTour Productions) with fellow NFL Cheerleaders