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Growing up, Dustin Hopkins didn't have to worry about not having clean clothes. He didn't have to think about avoiding school because his wardrobe didn't live up to society's standards. So when Nick Sundberg told him about the mission of "Loads of Love," he wanted to help make sure today's youth would have the same experience he did.

"I was fortunate in where I didn't have to think about that going to school," Hopkins said. "So when Nick brought this up and told me the numbers and statistics behind what had already been done, and what they were moving toward, it was so cool to hear that something so simple, as simple as clean clothes, could help all these things raise tremendously in percentage as far as grades and attendance."

Hopkins is part of the special teams trio who will all be rocking "Loads of Love" cleats on gameday. With bubbles and the logo as the design, all three are excited to bring more attention to the foundation.

My Cause My Cleats Artist

Dom Veurink

Dom Veurink

As a Graphic Design Artist with the Washington Redskins, Dom has created amazing art for the My Cause My Cleats 2018 Campaign.