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Josh Doctson chose to support the Redskins FITT (frequency, intensity, time and type) program, one that focuses on youth health and wellness throughout the D.C. and surrounding public school systems, because he knows the value of staying active.

"It's because fitness obviously is important, just for anybody," Doctson said. "No matter the age or if you're in shape or not I think it's just a good way to kind of help with your overall energy level."

FITT strives to get middle school students in the DMV involved in fitness activities by sending players to schools to lead them in games and activities, and by partnering up with other organizations to facilitate equipment donations to schools. The FITT program is a part of the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation.

"It's a fun time and the kids love it. I'm an older age than them and I just love being out and about and just running around being active," Doctson said. "I hike a lot, I like doing those things and just getting out, being in nature like that. There's fun ways you can find to exercise without knowing that you're exercising."

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Bizon Customs

Bizon Customs

Brennan Bizon is a 20 year-old artist from Pittsburgh where he is a student at Duquesne University. He has been customizing shoes for five years, and his work is always "one of one".