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To Kyshoen Jarrett, helping those with Cerebral Palsy isn't just about spreading awareness. Through his personal experiences with his brother Daishawn G. Capers, who has Cerebral Palsy, Jarett learned that there is work to be done. From this stemmed the creation of DGC Inspires, which is named after the brother who has been a strong, positive force in Jarrett's life.

"The glue to keeping my family together. Huge smile, lights up the room, burst of energy. We treat my brother like he's normal," Jarrett said. "A huge inspiration for me to get to the NFL. He drove that motivation for me just knowing that he couldn't experience what I was experiencing. Everytime I had a chance to look up at the stands, I had a purpose."

Through his foundation, Jarrett offers resources for both those with Cerebral Palsy, along with the families who are impacted. Financial aid, care, medical equipment and a chance to visit with Kyshoen are all parts of DGC Inspires.

"It's more about the families, and that's where DGC Inspires comes in, wanting to help and impact the family," Jarrett said. "Because whether you're in a two-parent home or single parent home, that's a lot of stress because you need someone that needs medical care daily, there might be things you have to sacrifice."

The chance for Jarrett to showcase his foundation during My Cause My Cleats is a special one for him personally. After an injury cut his career short in 2015, the matchup against the Giants will be the first time he can participate in the special event.

"Now that I'm part of the team in more detail, hearing it come up again and knowing that I have a cause, something that I'm passionate about, something that's been my experiences growing up, I just wanted to be a part of it," Jarrett said. "My Cause My Cleats is a great opportunity for people to know I have a story and what I'm trying to do to help others based on my experiences and circumstances."

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