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During his time as a student-athlete at the University of Washington, Mason Foster formed a close bond with Christina Rozier. A member of the women's basketball team, Rozier and Foster bonded over sports, shared interests and similar class schedules. Whenever Foster needed a meal swipe or groceries, Rozier was there to offer them assistance. Without his college friend, Foster may not be where he is today.

Now, Rozier has a foundation called S.W.A.G or Students With A Goal, and Foster wants to help return the favor. S.W.A.G focuses on mentoring young kids in the Miami community, with the mission statement: "We want our kids to know that education and hardwork are the keys to success. We empower our students to become better people as they grow in S.W.A.G. each year." Seeing what Rozier has done since her time at Washington has inspired Foster, and he wants to be able to help raise awareness and funding for his longtime friend's foundation through his cleats.

"I've helped her out before, but I feel like this would be real cool to do the cleats for her and be able to help her in anyway possible," Foster said. "She helped us out a lot in college, she's a real cool person."

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