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Not too long ago, Redskins long snapper Nick Sundberg was unaware of a how important clean clothes were for a young student's success. But then his wife, Flor, sent him an article that explained how schools had partnered with Whirlpool to provide school kids with clean clothes. Sundberg was inspired. Realizing the importance clean clothes have on the lives of the youth, he knew he wanted to get involved. Soon stemmed the creation of "Loads of Love."

"Schools know it's an issue and are looking for programs like this," Sundberg said. "We were lucky enough to be able to be the ones to provide it."

Along with the Redskins Charitable Foundation, Sundberg and his wife helped start LOL, a program now in 47 locations as they strive to provide schools with the appliances needed to make sure every student has clean clothes to wear. Going beyond appearance, clean clothes have a direct on a student's day-to-day life, increasing attendance and grades.

"If we can get kids to show up 25 percent more than they were previously, it's a huge success," Sundberg said." I brought it to the charitable foundation here, and here we are two years later about to have 47 locations and growing."

My Cause My Cleats Artist

Dom Veurink

Dom Veurink

As a Graphic Design Artist with the Washington Redskins, Dom has created amazing art for the My Cause My Cleats 2018 Campaign.