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Tress Way can still remember when Nick Sundberg first approached him with the idea to start "Loads of Love." Sundberg explained the problems school children faced, and how they could work to fix them and improve the lives of many. Blown away, he was ready to help.

Since then, he's watched his friend and teammate's initiative grow from just an idea to an important factor in thousands of children's lives in just two years. As "Loads of Love" continues to expand, Way sees the program becoming even bigger and more impactful. Proud of the Sundberg's contribution, he's happy to be along for the ride.

"It's just so cool, to what we were talking about earlier, to shed light on this whole thing and now getting to display it on Sunday, on gameday," Way said. "It's so cool, we were talking about it the other day, what's it going to look like in a few years and then years after that? Maybe it catches on in other cities. It's just so cool to see the first hand."

My Cause My Cleats Artist

Dom Veurink

Dom Veurink

As a Graphic Design Artist with the Washington Redskins, Dom has created amazing art for the My Cause My Cleats 2018 Campaign.