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Aggie Connection: Trey Williams Reunites With Johnny Manziel

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Running back Trey Williams held true to his promise.

Prior to last Thursday's preseason game against the Browns, Williams was looking forward to catching up with his former quarterback at Texas A&M.

"Johnny's a good dude. Johnny has his own swag," Williams said. "He's got a different swag than everybody else. He got a little Thor walk, you know. He's on top, and that's him. But for the most part, a great player and a great guy and I can't wait to see him."

In the on-field scrum after the game, Williams found his way to Manziel and was able to finally obtain the photo taken of them.

They were used to standing next to each other (at least in formations) in college, like in the video below.

Better late than never.




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