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Air Force Member Salutes Redskins From Afghanistan

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Matthew Sheppard has been in the U.S. Air Force for almost nine years and has been stationed everywhere from Korea to Florida to New Jersey.

Currently, he's on his second deployment, this time in Afghanistan.

Originally from southwest Virginia, in a town called Brookneal, Sheppard has been a Redskins fan since the day he was born so he wrote to The Redskins Blog.

He's been to FedExField just twice to see a game, once as a fan, the other as a security assistant. The reason for the latter was simple to him. If he bought tickets, he was worried he might have to work on that weekend. Volunteering for the security position eliminated the worry and got him some great access, too.

As for the Redskins flag above, he writes that it's being flown in his shop overseas and has been hanging since mid-May and "will be there until I leave."

Once he returns to the U.S., he will hang it up on his front porch in central, N.J., right in the middle of Eagles country.

A fitting time to tweet as the Redskins prepare for the Eagles this Sunday.




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