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Barry Cofield, Silas Redd Honoring Families With 'Jr.' Suffixes On Jerseys


For two Washington Redskins players, Sunday's 2014 season opener vs. the Houston Texans will mark the first time in their careers that they'll have "Jr." next to their last names on their jerseys.

For both rookie running back Silas Redd and veteran nose tackle Barry Cofield, the gesture is in honor of their families.

Dating back to his days as the state of Connecticut's top prep football player, Redd said he's never had the opportunity to even display his last name on his jersey.

"I had never had an opportunity to have a name on a jersey in high school or even in college at Penn State or USC," he said. "So instead of having 'Redd,' I just want to show respect to my father, my family's name and putting 'Jr.,' because I'm not 'Redd,' I'm 'Redd Jr.'"

Redd said his father was tough on him at times growing up, but that his impact led to a strong work ethic that was prominently displayed during the preseason, when he climbed up the depth chart and eventually seized a spot on the final 53-man roster.

"He was a hard worker," Redd said of his father. "Some of my morals and things like that come from my father. He's a military, law enforcement guy, so some of those things drive me and I'm able to grind through things.

"The whole mind over matter mentality comes from him."

Cofield, meanwhile, said he's going to have "Cofield Jr." on his jersey so that his 4-year old son, Barry Cofield III, can wear "Cofield III" on his jersey someday.

"I felt more strongly about it when I had my son," Cofield said. "So I thought it would be cool to switch that up. Hopefully he can put on his little league jersey and he'll be 'Cofield III.'

"That's was really my thinking about it, just to be able to make that bridge from myself to my son."

Redd and Cofield are the latest Redskins players to add a suffix to their last names on their jerseys, joining quarterback Robert Griffin III, running back Roy Helu Jr. and linebacker Perry Riley Jr.




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