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Campbell Post-Game: Redskins-Eagles

On not giving up to the Eagles after a slow first half:

"There was still a long time to play. We had a lot of game left to play. I came in at halftime and I felt good. I felt that we were going to come back in the second half and win. The whole team believed it because we were moving the ball. We just had to knock off some of those mistakes that we were making. Once we did that in the second half, I think every time we got the ball on a drive we were getting points."

On the touchdown pass to Antwaan Randle El (#82, WR):

"In practice, we work on throwing those deep balls with timing. He did a good job of getting passed his man and getting down the field. My job is to make sure he has the opportunity to make a play."

On not getting a touchdown on a drive late in the fourth quarter:

"You know it's disappointing because we get down there on the 3-yard line and its first and three. You feel like where we are on offense, when we get down there you know we should score. So for us not to come away with six or seven points at the time, it kind of stung us a little bit because we know we can get that ball in."

On the penalty from having 12 men on the field:

"Twelve men on the field is a big penalty. I was trying to get a time out so that we could avoid the penalty. Unfortunately, the referee had already caught it. It was a big mistake on our part. That was tough because it made it tougher for us to get the ball into the endzone."

On not going for it in the red zone:

"That is a coach's decision. Whatever decision that he makes, we stick behind it. I bet he was thinking about getting points so we could set ourselves up for later on in the game. We had the opportunity to win it with a field goal, so I can understand his thinking."

On the statistics versus the actual game:

"It's tough when you have 400 yards on offense against a defense like Philly, who bring in a lot and play physical football. The way we were moving the ball today, it was frustrating not to come away with a victory. I think Ladell Betts (#46, RB) had over 100 yards again. That just goes to show what our offensive line is doing when the guys go over 100 yards consistently in back-to-back weeks. It means a lot. Right now we have to continue to keep punching and hope that things go our way. They made the plays on turnovers and we didn't."

On Philly blitzing and rushing from all angles earlier in the game:

"I think that a lot to do with it earlier in the game. They were doing it and we were seeing it. We hit a couple of big plays on them. I think that probably changed their minds a little bit. They were still bringing it sometimes in different areas. Our offensive linemen and backs were doing a good job with protection. It gave us a lot of time to be one-on-one with our receivers. They were making plays earlier in the game. I think that's why they backed out a little bit."

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