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Campbell Post-Game: Redskins-Giants

On his injury during the Giants game:

"It was a situation where they covered our pass play and I was trying to run and make a play. As I tried to cut inside my linemen I saw (Antonio) Pierce (LB, #58) at the last minute and I tried to get down. It was like a helmet to helmet contact and then my helmet hit the turf causing me to black out for a minute. I got hit and everything went out for about five seconds."

On wanting to come back in:

"I wanted to come back in as soon as I got to the sidelines, but our trainers wanted to take precautions and make sure everything I was alright and that I didn't have a concussion or any headaches."

On the offense during the second half:

"We just got into a rhythm. I got into a zone and it was one of those situations where you feel like no matter what you do on offense or what they do on defense they can't stop it. That was the attitude we had. We just kept plugging and those last four plays we just had to take it and run from it. We were so close."

On his performance this season:

"I feel like I did a lot of great things with not being with them in OTAs and the first half of the season. I was trying to build the chemistry with them as soon as I could once I became the starter. I feel as though I have grown in a lot of ways and will definitely come back next year learning a lot from this and try to take it to another level."

On his offseason plans with the team:

"I will take a little break. After that I will meet with my receivers whether I have to fly to them or meet up here, but I'll make sure we get together and have that chemistry through the OTA's as we begin training for next season. And work hard in the weight room, that's how you keep yourself from getting hurt."

On personal plans for the off-season:

"Three-fourths of the time I will be here--the other fourth I don't know."

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