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Cherie Shares Her Mother's Breast Cancer Story


Hello Redskins Nation!

I would like to share my Mother's cancer story. Her name is Wanda Harvey and she is the strongest woman I know. She was diagnosed with breast cancer about 2 years ago right after marrying her third husband. I say that to encourage those who have been married and divorced several times. Cancer can occur no matter how old you are and how many times you have married. She was worried her husband would feel like "he didn't sign up for a broken wife" but quite the opposite happened. He stood by her through everything. The operation to remove the cancer nodules and radiation treatments thereafter. She lost her job in the process but her husband supported her and said "go ahead and retire I got you."

NOW, she is cancer free and enjoying retired life. Her husband bought a bully puppy named Ivy to keep her company. Ivy is like a little kid and keeps her busy. They are inseparable now. Please show love to my Mom the strongest person I have ever known!  Let's celebrate WOW Warrior, Wanda Harvey

Love and HTTR!

Cherie Wyatt

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