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Clinton Portis Media Session

On how hard it was to not play last Sunday:

"It was hard but when you believe in your teammate's and think they are going to go out there and get the job done, you are going to give them all the encouragement in the world. That is what I tried to do instead of pouting. I knew since last Wednesday that I was not going to play in that game. Instead of having them feel sorry for me I tired to instill confidence in them that they could do it without me. Unfortunately we did not get it done. I am back and I think guys are looking forward to it."

On the soreness he felt in his shoulder last week:

"The soreness is going to come. That was the first time I took any shots in four weeks. That is like coming back to camp having not run or anything. When you come back to camp you are going to have some tweaks and that is what it was. Everybody was a little worried about that and that is the reason I was off last week. This week I don't expect it to hamper me."

On what he has done in practice:

"Yesterday I was just trying to show them there is nothing wrong. I was trying to fly around and get confidence in them to not worry about me re-injuring myself and not being able to do things. Yesterday I went to practice with no harness on me. I took a couple of shots and I ended up ok."

On if last week he was messing with the media's minds, the Cowboys or both in regards to whether he was playing or not:

"If I tell ya'll then you were going to tell the Cowboys. There is no need to give them an advantage and have them not prepare for me. I had to keep that to myself. I still held out hope that coach might change his mind and slide me in."

On what the Texans can expect from him this week:

"A healthy Clinton Portis. They can expect a full throttle Portis. There are not set backs and there are not limited plays for me. They are going to do one thing for me and then something else for Ladell (Betts, RB, #46) and them. I am a part of the game plan."

On if he thinks Texans coach Gary Kubiak knows what to expect:

"Coach Kubiak knows what I am capable of. He was the play caller when I was in Denver. We go back a long way. I am sure he has been telling his team that I will probably be playing."

On if he is excited with Coach Gibbs saying that he wants them to run the ball more:

"That is going to open up the offense. Our offense starts with the running game. It is going to open up the passing game. It is going to get us in third and short instead of third and eight and third and long. If they give you the opportunity to carry your team on your back, you want to do it, hurt shoulder or not I want to do that."

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