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Clinton Portis Mini-Camp Media Session

On the first practice under new head coach Jim Zorn:

"It was a laid back practice. The attitude he is bringing, the strategy he brings, and I think the guys are going to like it. A lot of people are having fun. A lot of people are looking forward to doing this."

On if he is excited about the new additions to the team:

"We are real excited. I don't think there were many dropped balls today. The balls that were tipped, you saw the DB's diving after them and getting to them. For the first practice, I think it was great tempo and a great day."

On how Coach Zorn runs practice:

"It was cleaner and faster, but it was more up-tempo. You are going to get your work done, it's just you're going to get it done at a faster pace."

On if Coach Zorn seemed nervous:

"No, he is used to this. He came in and looked forward to this challenge and getting this team and this organization to a conference championship. That is our main goal right now."

On if it was strange not seeing former head coach Joe Gibbs on the field:

"It was, but at the same time Coach Gibbs is doing great right now. I get to watch him on NASCAR. I am trying to get him to let me come down and drive before the season starts. It is great for what he is doing. I think him stepping away, family issues and all, a lot of guys figured it would be hard to replace him, but I think Coach Zorn was a great pick to come in and do that."

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