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Clinton Portis Training Camp Media Session

On what he wants to accomplish this year:

"Win the NFC East. Win the NFC Championship game. Win the Super Bowl. Rushing yards don't matter to me as long as I get a ring. If we get a ring I'm sure my rushing yards will be up where they need to be."

On having more space in this offense:

"I'm ecstatic about it having Brandon Lloyd (WR, #85) who I thought, besides Reggie Wayne, was one of the most underrated receivers in the NFL. The team is just excited. Having (Associate Head Coach-Offense Al) Saunders come in opened a lot up for us and everyone wants to make sure that we continue the success that he's been having and that's the pressure that we have on our shoulders."

On his role in this offensive scheme:

"With the receivers we have, with the offensive scheme we have, if they get me the ball a lot in the open receiving I'm going to look forward to that. If my duty requires me to carry the ball or block I'm going to look forward to that. In this scheme I know I'm going to get a lot more passes then past years so I'm excited about that too."

On if he thought changes needed to be made for this year from last year:

"Not really, because last year with the streak we went on everybody knew our offense. There are only so many plays you can do. But for us to come together with that offense, you can't match that offense because you see what they did. With our defense stepping up, with the coaches putting us in the position to go out and make plays, we went on a nice run at the end of the season. So having (Associate Head Coach-Offense Al) Saunders here is a plus. If we still had the same offense I think guys would have still been excited. But having Coach Saunders here gives all the guys on the team an opportunity to shine."

On his confidence level after adding a bit of offense:

"I'm real confident. We didn't add a little bit, we added a lot. We needed another go to guy besides Santana (Moss) (WR, #89) and we went out and got two in Brandon Lloyd (WR, #85) and (Antwaan) Randle El (WR, #82) who can take it the distance at any moment. So any time you have that many weapons on the field with Chris Cooley (TE, #47) inside playing the way he plays and Mark (Brunell) (QB, #8) being the smart guy that he is, he is going to get the ball to the right person. So it's going to be a lot of mismatches week in and week out and we just have to exploit that."

On how much time he needs before he thinks he is game ready:

"Being here it's hard. You get that month break that we had. It's hard to go out and work out and do this and do that being that we've been here all year long. For myself, I need to get away from football and give my body a rest. I'm constantly in football; I can't go out and be excited about playing. But somehow, someway I'm going to have to find a way to carry that fire through the season. I think that I got to use camp to get in shape and when the first game comes I'll be ready."

his excitement about getting back to camp and getting this season going after the success of last year:

"I think given the guys who had never won a playoff game, like myself, to see that you can win a playoff game gives everyone on the team hope. The belief that we can win a playoff game will drive a lot of people."

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