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Coach's Corner: Earnest Byner

Every week, chats with a Redskins coach about a hot topic. This week: running backs coach Earnest Byner talks about the Redskins' running backs corps and the addition of T.J. Duckett, who arrived in Washington in a trade with the Atlanta Falcons:

"T.J. jumped right in the huddle on Thursday, and he started slapping five with everyone. He shook hands with Mark Brunell. It was like he had been here for two months instead of just Thursday.

"I think he is going to be really nice for us. He is going to be energetic and he is going to provide a lift when that is needed.

"You can understand how the other running backs feel. We had somewhat of a flow going. They had their minds set on some of the things they wanted to achieve--and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, they can still have their minds on some of those things. I want them to. If they don't, then we have the wrong type of guys anyway.

"The reality is that our [other running backs] will take T.J. in. They will do things to try and help him. They will compete. It is about competition. Also, it's about winning. If we get lost in other thoughts, then we won't make things happen. The most important thing is winning football games for the Washington Redskins."

"How much will T.J. work in the last two preseason games? The reality is that he's a veteran, so we should have some carry-over from the things he has done in Atlanta. He is in shape.

"The thing we can do is limit the things that we do offensively so that he is comfortable. I don't think that is going to be needed. I think he is going to pick things up and we are going to be able to run the offense. The way it's going, he's going to be fine."

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