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Coach's Corner: Gregg Williams

Every week, chats with a Redskins coach about a hot topic. This week: assistant head coach-defense Gregg Williams talks about the defensive performance in the Cincinnati preseason game and the progress of rookie linebacker Rocky McIntosh:

"In the last two preseason games, we have been as generic as we can. We wanted to see all different kinds of combinations of guys coming in. We wanted to see some one-on-one pass rush from some players. We wanted to see some one-on-one coverage. We even tried to put some of the guys in some coverage things that they aren't used to doing."

"You want to try to win every game you can, but that is not the tell-all. Our planning here for this training camp was making sure that we installed and not game-planned. What we have done is installed and our practices have been spirited.

"It is hard standing on the sideline and not say, 'Okay, I can see the protection and we want to avalanche it' or 'I can see this is a concentration where the coverage should go.' But we've avoided that. We have not done any game-planning or shown anything.

"Overall, our tackling has not been too bad this preseason. It is never going to be good when you have one missed tackle. We monitor what we call YAC, or yards after contact. My first year here, I almost gagged after the first two games. The first two games, there were more than 150 yards of YAC.

"Now, we have not even approached the 70-yard mark. You give up one big play for 35 yards and all of the sudden, it gets tacked on there against a defender who won't be on the team anyway."

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