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Coaches Comment On NFL Officials' Return


On Thursday, the NFL announced that the labor dispute between the NFL and the NFL Referee's Association had been resolved.

Beginning with last night's contest between the Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns, the league's 122 regular officials are back at work, taking over for the replacement officials.

Redskins coaches gave candid commentary on the deal, and the implications for Sunday's game in Tampa Bay.  A recap:

Head coach Mike Shanahan

"It's good to get them back. I had nothing against replacement officials. In fact, I think they did a pretty good job.

"It's nice to get the pros back for obvious reasons and I know they gave us their best shot. It's tough to really be good when you don't have the practice."

Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan

"I'm looking forward to having the guys we're used to--that's for sure.

"This game is hard. It's fast. It takes a lot of reps for coaches, players, refs. Anybody who doesn't have a lot of experience is going to struggle, whether it's a coach, player or referee. It's good to get guys back there who have been doing it."

Defensive coordinator Jim Haslett

"I think the communication will be a little better. It will be a new group to yell at."




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