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Cundiff's Long Kick Just Short On Luck


Down 31-28 with under two minutes remaining in the game, the Redskins faced a tough decision in Sunday's game against the St. Louis Rams.

On 4th-and-16 from the 44-yard line, they could either try to pick up the first down with Robert Griffin III and the offense, or have kicker Billy Cundiff attempt a game-tying field goal that likely would have sent the game into overtime.

After initially sending out the offense for an attempt at the first down, the Rams called a timeout, causing Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan to change his mind.

Cundiff, whose career-long was from 56 yards in 2005, was sent out to try a 62-yard field goal, which fell short and to the right.

Despite what Shanahan described as "not great odds" of Cundiff making the kick, he still has faith in his veteran kicker.

"I was going to [go for it] initially but the clock was going and I didn't have time to do," he said.  "Then, after the clock stopped, I thought it was at least worth a shot."

Cundiff told reporters that Redskins special teams coordinator Danny Smith approached him during that timeout and told him it would take a perfect kick – with a little luck – to send the game into overtime.

"It's one that's going to take everything I've got, plus a little extra," Cundiff said. "I just didn't get that extra little bit."

Cundiff said he appreciated the opportunity to at least try the improbable game-tying kick.

"It's fun to be able to try that," he said. "But I'm disappointed in not making it, and disappointed in the outcome of the game."

The miss – his first of the season -- didn't spoil a solid kicking performance for Cundiff, who made all four of his extra-point attempts and forced four touchbacks on kickoffs against the Rams.

This follows up his Redskins debut, where Cundiff hit all three of his field goal attempts and forced six touchbacks in the Redskins' Week 1 victory over the New Orleans Saints.




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