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D-Line Does Its Best 'Remember The Titans' Dance

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"I, I, I feel….I feel good."

"Remember The Titans" is a classic football movie and while it's celebrating 15 years since it premiered, it still has a hold on pop culture.

Well, the Redskins' defensive line found an opportunity to tribute the movie, specifically one of the dances the team does out of the locker room to pump themselves up, on Wednesday during the 54th annual Welcome Home Luncheon.

As they were announced, the group, led by Chris Baker and Terrance Knighton, began shuffling out in unison rolling their fists and waving them in the air.

Baker and Knighton played it serious, though as the conga line progressed, Jason Hatcher, Frank Kearse and Stephen Paea couldn't help but break their act.

Herman Boone aka Denzel Washington would be proud, guys.

Will we see it tomorrow night to intimidate Jacksonville? That might be even better.




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