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D-Line Unveils Nationals Jerseys And A Stephen Paea Nickname

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Members from the Redskins defensive line, just as the media was ready to head back to the press box, forced everyone in the locker room to flock towards them again. They had just finshed dressing and had put on their custom-made red Nationals jerseys.


From the beginning of offseason workouts this spring, Jason Hatcher and Terrance Knighton had made it a habit to do some extracurricular bonding with the defensive line. They would watch basketball, play video games and eat dinner together.

It was about spending more time as a unit, hoping that the cohesion off the field would produce some on the field. So far, it's worked, and it was on display again during the Redskins' 24-10 victory over the Rams Sunday.

On the backs of all those jerseys were each member's nicknames. Hatch, Swaggy, Pot Roast , Freak and Big Ked were easy and short and understandable. But what was the connection for Stephen Paea's "Bravo?"

"They call me [it] because I always do my hair," Paea said. "I Googled it. I didn't grow up on those cartoons here. So I had to google Johnny Bravo. It's pretty funny actually."

The group is planning to see the Nationals take on the Phillies after their Thursday night game against the Giants.They'll get to show off their uniforms in front of the Nationals' faithful and Hatcher is hoping to throw out a first pitch.

"We feel like we've got all this swag coming in," Paea said. "Maybe one day we'll all wear tuxedos. I'm not paying for it though."




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