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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Meets Dave Butz At College Football HOF

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. is preparing to make some history at the Talladega Superspeedway on Sun. Oct. 25, looking to sweep Victory Lane there for the second time this season.

In the meantime, on Thursday, he got to meet some Redskins history as well.

Touring the College Football Hall Of Fame in Atlanta, Ga., Earnhardt met two-time Super Bowl winner, Pro Bowler, and legendary defensive lineman Dave Butz, who in turn provided the NASCAR driver the last helmet he ever played with.

"That's the real thing?" he asks Butz.

"That's the real thing," Butz replies.

As you can see in the Twitter video, cameras swarmed to get the interaction and catch Earnhardt in a moment of childhood nostalgia and joy. Butz, who was elected to the College Football Hall Of Fame in 2014, also had to show off his 1980s Super Bowl rings.

"This makes me real proud to be a Redskins fan," said Earnhardt with the helmet in his lap, sitting at a brief press conference.

Earnhardt was promoting his shot at history with the hashtag #DaleADega but was also there to support Austin, battling cancer.

Together they tested out their broadcasting skills at a mock College Gameday set and bonded over their SEC fan affiliations.

After playing chauffeur to Austin, Earnhardt was more than happy to let Butz show him around the museum. I'm sure he got some good stories, maybe even over a can of Diet Mountain Dew.




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