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Drag Racer Reps Redskins Helmet

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"Family, Racing and Redskins…in that order."

Such reads the Twitter profile of Scotty Bodmer, a diehard fan and drag racer from Beallsville, Md.

Of course, he combines his two passions here with a Redskins helmet – for safety and fandom – as he embarks on another race at the 2015 Maryland International Raceway.

Bodmer competes in ET races in which "two vehicles of varying performance potentials can race on a potentially even basis. The anticipated elapsed times for each vehicle are compared, and the slower car receives a head start equal to the difference of the two. With this system, virtually any two vehicles can be paired in a competitive drag race," according to NHRA.

Take that as your obscure sports lesson of the day, and take solace in the fact  that there's another Redskins fan is in the racing world.




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