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Duke Ihenacho Gets His Space Chariot

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If Robert Griffin III says he can hook you up with something, it appears he holds true to his promises.

Last week, I took a deep dive down the rabbit hole into a Twitter conversation between safety Duke Ihenacho and Griffin III regarding the purchase of a hover board called a "Space Chariot," which has quickly grown to prominence.

Griffin III had one. Ihenacho wanted one. There were a few replies before other Twitter followers started asking about it. Soon, it got messy. People began asking Griffin III's sister for one. It wasn't professional.

However, as evidenced above, Ihenacho asked, and then he received.

There he is, balancing on a blue-lit "Chariot," something of a cross between a skateboard and a Segway. And then, there are those ripped jeans, which Ihenacho has really taken to wearing.

Let's hope those denim cuts are intentional, and not the product of falling off his new transportation.




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