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Everyone Wants RG3's Hover Board Hookup

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It starts with a tweet. Something like this, courtesy of safety Duke Ihenacho.

Then it gets a reply. Something like this, from Robert Griffin III.

Then – due to popularity and #Twitter – lots of eyeballs see it and suddenly one quaint desire becomes a shared desire.

This is what happened last night, when Ihenacho must have seen J.R. Smith zooming around on a what looks like a hover board during the NBA Finals for the first time, and expressed his need for one, promising he would share its virtues with the world, meaning his social media following.

Well, it just so happens Robert Griffin III has one of those. They're called Space Chariots, and he took a photo of his wife standing atop one to prove he had it, while letting people know they could receive $150 dollars off one with his promotional code.

Naturally Ihenacho perked up seeing the news that one of his teammates had a hookup.

But it's hard to keep a Twitter conversation private and soon Jeron Johnson, not to be outdone by his fellow safety, continued the recent NBA emoji tradition and, in his own way, asked to receive the same connection.

Then things spun out of control, which is to say the Griffin family received more tweets than usual on a Wednesday night.

Actor Ryan Pinkston – remember the piece we wrote on him? – and Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith followed suit with requests for the Space Chariots. — Torrey Smith (@TorreySmithWR) July 15, 2015

Not all, however, were directed towards Griffin III. Robert's sister, De'Jon, was apparently bombarded with requests for the Chariot even though she doesn't have one.

By the time things settled down, Ihenacho and Johnson felt a little bad for opening the request hotline.

Next time, a text message might be the better option.




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