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Fans Of #SkinsCamp: Day 1


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"My kids are upset because I'm spending my 80th birthday at camp instead of with them," said Jean Ramy, a native of Waynesboro, Va., a devoted Redskins fan, waiting patiently at the front of the line to enter the Bon Secours Washington Redskins Training Center to officially begin the football season

Her kids, it's more than likely, couldn't have expected anything different.

Ramy is armed with a large cardboard sign that explains why today is so special along with a request to make it even more special. The team has been around slightly longer than she has, so she just admits that she has been a fan for "many, many years."

For 14 of them, she worked as a parking assistant at RFK stadium and FedExField, often getting permission to watch the games inside after she completed her duties. Now, her son has season tickets, and she's missed just one game in the last ten years.

"I liked RFK because you were more part of the action," she said in a southern drawl. "You could walk around inside the whole stadium. You weren't as isolated as a fan. And I loved that."

She told a story about meeting legendary head coach Joe Gibbs, getting invited down to the field as a way to honor her close friend who had passed away. She told a story of meeting former owner Jack Kent Cooke, who gave her tickets to Super Bowl XVII when running back John Riggins just kept running.

Afterward, she got a shirt that read, "Reagan is President, but Riggins is King."

I ask her about the sign and she complained about athletes who are too arrogant to give away their signatures. She mentioned Tom Brady (and some other things about him). But Niles Paul, that's another story.

"Niles Paul, every practice last year, when I was here, he stopped and gave somebody autographs," she said, later explaining that she's been collecting the pins on her shirt forever -- Cowboys owner Jerry Jones even gave her one of Cooke.

Which is all to say, Ramy has seen just about everything regarding the Redskins. And still, there she is, waking up before dawn on her 80th birthday, dressed in burgundy, ready to go visit the Women of Washington tent, giving interviews to local television crews, ready for another year of football.

"I get so excited," she said. "I've been up since 4 o'clock this morning. When the real games come around, it's awful. I can't sleep."




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