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First Lady Gabriella Excited For Rehearsal


Hey Washington fans!

Rookie Gabriella here to share with you all about my first in person practice as a First Lady of Football! As a lifelong dancer, becoming a Washington Football Cheerleader has always been a dream of mine. Although there have been many challenges in 2020, I am beyond grateful to now be a part of this incredible organization.

As a rookie hopeful, I never thought I would be auditioning for the First Ladies of Football from the living room of my home. With the multiple challenges we were facing due to COVID, I was unsure what the audition process would look like, or if we would even have a season. Finally, it was announced that the audition process was going virtual! I was instantly relieved that the dream was still alive. Immediately following the announcement, the organization released the audition schedule set to start on May 15th.

After long hours and hard work via Zoom, I was blessed to have been selected as a First Ladies Of Football! It speaks volumes about how our Director, Jamilla quickly had the organization of First Ladies adapt to a virtual format. Not only did it allow for women to audition from anywhere but it also gave our fans, friends, & family members to experience the First Ladies Auditions Showcase from the comforts of their homes. After weeks of Zoom rehearsals, it was finally time to practice as a team at FedEx Field!


This was the moment my Rookie class and I had been waiting for! As I drove up to FedExField, I started to feel nervous & excited about meeting my new teammates while also not knowing what to expect. As I walked through the stadium, I took in the history of the Washington organization & began to feel even more like a First Lady Of Football. As we began to get ready for rehearsal, we made sure to follow COVID protocol by practicing out on the concourse, staying 6 feet apart, and wearing our masks throughout the entire evening….but it was okay because we were finally practicing IN PERSON! We kicked off the night by playing an icebreaker game to get to know our teammates' unique personalities, truly setting the tone for the evening! Following the icebreaker, we worked out, warmed up and got ready for the long evening of rehearsal. Now it was time for the fun part; getting to perform the sidelines we had been virtually working on for months, all together as a team. The collective energy filled the outdoor space, and chased out all the months of uncertainty and solitude-- at that very moment, we became a team --The First Ladies of Football -- and THAT is what I will always remember about my first in-person Rookie practice.

Although it hasn't been a typical year, I wouldn't trade my Rookie experience for anything. I'm so excited to see what this season holds! Cheers Washington fans!



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