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Garçon: 'I Could Play In A Game Tomorrow'


Redskins receiver Pierre Garçon showed that he could play through the pain last season, battling shoulder and lingering foot injuries that hampered his speed, agility and explosiveness.

Nevermore, says Garçon, who took steps this offseason to get his body fully recovered and healthy heading into an important 2013 season.

"I haven't been participating in OTA's. I've been taking the time off to fully recover," he told NFL AM this morning. "The shoulder is doing well. I've been lifting, working out, running, sprinting. I do everything I needed to do.

"If there was a game tomorrow I'd be able to play, but we're just taking precautions just to make sure it heals up properly."

Despite dealing with injuries from the start of the season, Pierre Garçon was a productive force for the Redskins, snagging 44 passes for 633 yards in just 10 games.

The team was 9-1 in games that Garçon played, but he said if he was healthy, the team would have been better.

"We would've been a good team. Things happen, injuries happen. We would've hopefully won those games that we did lose when I wasn't there, but it's football anything can happen," he said. "One play could change a whole game, one play could change a whole season so I couldn't say I would've definitely helped win those games I wasn't there for, but I would definitely hope that I could help."

Head coach Mike Shanahan suggested last week that he thought Garçon's shoulder was ahead of schedule in terms of how much he was able to lift.

Garçon said he doesn't know what his timetable is for return, but knows he feel significantly better already, thanks to his own personal medical staff.

"I had the surgery a long time ago, but I've been working on it everyday since I had to get surgery. I've been recovering," he said. "My mom be taking care of me. She's been helping with the recovery process and been doing a great job of it."

As for the foot injury that hampered his trademark speed, Garçon said he was making an equipment change to compensate for the at-risk part of his foot.

"It's coming along. I'm getting some special shoes," he explained. "It's an everyday ongoing process, but I've been learning a lot about my foot and how I run and things like that with all these injuries. It's getting better."

With the entire receiving corps expected to be back and healthy this season, Garçon predicted that the Redskins would be the team to beat in the NFC East, and the early favorites to retain last season's division crown.

"Oh yeah, we have a lot weapons around the quarterback," he said. "We have Fred Davis, we have Alfred Morris, we have Roy Helu Jr. coming back, we have Joshua Morgan, Santana [Moss], we have a lot of experience, and we're learning the offense together as group.

"We're growing together and with a year under our belt last year, we've gotten better. Even if RG3 is there with or without, we've got Kirk [Cousins], we've got a lot of great guys that can step up in any game, any moment to take the lead and make the plays for us."

In Robert Griffin III's quest to come back early from injury, Garçon offered free advice to his quarterback not to let the competitor inside him set him back further with injury.

"It's hard. We're all competitors. They probably tell me not to overdue things with my foot and my shoulder. But it's hard," he said. "We're young, competitive guys, playing a sport that we really want to do. We want to be out there. But it's hard to tell them not to overdue it.

"He knows it, he gets it, and he's continuing to work at it."

As for the ongoing debate of whether Peyton Manning or Robert Griffin III throws the better ball, No. 88 let it be known that he was Team RG3.

"I caught Peyton at the tail end of his career, close to the end, so his ball doesn't have as much zip as Robert's does," Garcon said with a grin. "Robert [Griffin III] right now has it, but I had a disadvantage of catching Peyton at the end of his career.

"Robert [Griffin III] has that young fresh arm so he's throwing hard. He's throwing it 70 yards whenever he gets the chance."




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