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Gibbs: 'We Are Praying' For Taylor

On the Sean Taylor situation:

"I want to start by saying early this morning I was woken up by a tragic set of circumstances for Sean and all of us immediately. I was already headed in and came to the complex. I know very little information about the situation, medically, other than it is extremely serious. What we did this morning was figure out that Dan Snyder (Owner, Washington Redskins) was going to take a contingent and leave and go to Miami, which they did. He just got in down there. A lot of Redskin people went with him to be supportive of the family and see what they could do. We met at noon with the team. What I said to them was I described what we knew about it. I told them that Brett Fuller, our chaplain, was here. We had him talk to the team. After Brett talked to the team for awhile we had a prayer. At that point, I told the players they were free. For all of us here, we are obviously in shock. I know I can't put it in words. I wouldn't do a good job of explaining how we feel. I know all of our fans out there are praying. All of us are emotional right now and caught up in it. We are praying for the absolute best for Sean and his family."

On how the team prepares for next week:

"I don't know. I have never been through this. Our players, I have such admiration for them, even after the game last week where we had such a horrible start. The way they fought back in the second half. We have great character on our team. We have a great bunch of guys. We have had a lot of injuries with guys having to fill in. We will just have to get back on Wednesday and see how we can deal with it."

On how this puts things in perspective:

"Personally, I will always think back to my own kids playing football. Before that I would look at players and have a tendency to say ?Do this' or ?Hit that' and then all of a sudden your own son is out there and it put it all on a real personal basis for me. All of us reflect on life and we see how fragile life is. To see the way Sean had grown since he came here and the way he had impressed all of us, I knew how much his baby meant to him. To have that baby and carrying that baby, I could see in him a maturing process that you go through when you have your first child. All those things go through my mind, and yes, it puts it on a personal basis. I have never gone through anything like this so it is hard for me to put it into words and I'm probably not doing a very good job at it."

On if he would be joining some of the team in Miami:

"I probably will be here and wait. Dan (Snyder, Owner, Washington Redskins) called me a few minutes ago and said he would call if there was anything or any updates."

On why Sean Taylor was not traveling with the team:

"Our policy ever since I have been here is that the medical team tells us what is best for the player. Most of the time, players are getting treatment, and if that is what is best for them, then they stay here. Last week, Mike Sellers (FB, #45) or James Thrash (WR, #83) were always here. They didn't travel with us because that is what is best for them because they can be here and get treatment. A week ago, what happened was Sean stayed here and came in and got treatment on Saturday. When I got back in on Monday he called me in the office in the morning right before our meeting. He said ?Coach, somebody broke into my house yesterday. I came down to straighten everything out and I will be in tomorrow for my treatment.' He said he wanted me to know that it would be hard for him to make the meeting. I told him I understood and to take care of the house and everything he had to. He did, and the next day he was back here getting treatment. I thought everything was fine. This weekend, I know he was here when we left. He got treatment on Saturday. I don't know what happened after that. I don't know why he traveled back to Miami. In my life, in my world, I have learned that you can't go back. After games people ask why did you do certain things. I say you need to make a decision and go forward. That decision, I think only the Lord knows the set of circumstances here that took place. For all of us, for Sean and his family, I spoke with his dad this morning, it's a hard time for us. I'm sure I'm not doing a good job of telling you how everyone feels."

On how he is coping:

"It's a personal aspect that this could happen to a person. It's one of those things that happens in your family and your heart breaks. It's a tragic thing that took place. It kind of takes your breath away."

On how the team is coping:

"I haven't been through it. I'm living it an hour at a time here. We all are. We are trying to do what's best. When our players get back in here on Wednesday we will figure out what we are going to do."

On how he found out about the Sean Taylor incident:

"Our security person called me this morning and said Dan (Snyder) wanted to talk to me."

On his gut reaction after getting the phone call:

"I was afraid. Any time I get a phone call that early at the house I have a real concern. That has happened to me before and it is always scary for me."

On Sean Taylor's progress throughout the day:

"There has been so little information. I don't think it is my place to comment on it because I don't know the medical aspects of it. I just know it's serious."
On if he had spoken to any members of Sean's family:
"I spoke to his dad this morning."

On his next move:

"We are going to try and get ready for the game. Dan (Snyder) said he would call if he had any information."

On if he has contacted any coaches who have dealt with similar situations:

"I really hadn't thought about it until you brought it up. It would probably be good if I had someone to talk to. Everything has happened so quick I haven't had a chance to focus on anything like that."

On how Sean Taylor had grown as a person:

"In football what you do is spend a huge amount of time with each other. You get to know somebody. With Sean, we really respected how much he loved football. He felt like it was what he was made to do. What I have noticed over the last year and a half, I have watched him mature. I think his baby had a huge impact on him. Conversationally, he would bring her up often. There was a real growing up for him, a real maturing."

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