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Greg Blache Media Session

On covering Dallas Cowboy's tight end Jason Witten:

"He is an excellent player who has been to the Pro-Bowl a couple of years and they use him wisely. Its hard to just say that we are going to lock the linebacker or DB on him because sometimes he is in the core and sometimes he's out. You have to pay attention to him, but at the same time you have to pay attention to so many things on this football team. If you are getting too involved with covering Jason Witten than you have to go to T.O, [Terrell Owens] then if you go to T.O, [Terrell Owens] then they run the football on you. They have a lot of weapons and it's going to be a challenge to try a stay with them for 60 minutes."

On the Dallas Cowboy's Offense:

"This is one of the premiere offenses that I have seen in all of my years. I compare them to the Patriots offense last year when they were on their run. These guys are awesome, so we have our hands full. Its not just about devising things, but about executing things. A lot of things look good on the board, but you have to execute them. We have to go out and play with great intensity, passion, and be physical."

On being underdogs this week in the NFL:

"I'm not surprised because these guys are good, but there have been a lot of underdogs, we just have to find a way to get it done."

On Redskins Linebacker Rocky McIntosh:

"Rocky Mcintosh had a real good game last week. He had a few plays that could have been better, but we all do at times. He growing as a player, he's healthy and hopefully he will continue to make some big plays for us. As he becomes more comfortable, hopefully we will get more out of him. He has come long ways, but there is a lot further that he can go."

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