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Greg Blache Media Session

On the passing of Redskins great Sammy Baugh:

"I remember when I was a young kid seeing highlights of Sammy Baugh. One of the things that inspired me to be the quarterback as kids growing up was watching him compete on the tapes and reels. It is a sad day in Redskin nation to lose one of our greats and it's unfortunate, but those things happen. Hopefully he is at peace and his family has some strength at this time. As an organization it is a sad time to lose one of our all-time greats."

On the team going from 6-2 to 7-7:

"It's disappointing because you want to win, you work to win and it didn't happen for us. But, that's one of life's disappointments. The secret is not to sit around and have a pity party. We can't do that. We have to get on up, continue to fight and you got to see where you can improve. That's what we have to do as a football team."

On the return of linebacker Marcus Washington:

"Marcus is such a big and physical player. Besides his enthusiasm, the fire that he brings and his passion for the game, he is such big, physical player. When you get into some of those drives at the end of the ball game, it's good to have that big physical force on the edge to be able to step up and take guards on. Plus he is an experienced guy who's been around the block a long time. You lose a lot when you lose Marcus. Not to take anything away from the guys who stepped in and competed for us, but a Marcus is a Marcus. He is a cut above and a little different then the rest and it's great to have him back."

On why the Eagles' offense has been doing well:

"They are letting Donovan be Donovan and do the things that Donovan is capable of doing and it's working for them. The offense has been really hot. It's always been a good offense, but it's been an exceptional offense the last few weeks."

On linebacker London Fletcher being excluded from the Pro Bowl:

"I am disappointed for London. That's the unfairness of the business. To take nothing away from the guys who were voted in, but this guy brings so much to the table on such a consistent basis. There is nothing fancy or flair, but he is the heart and soul of who we are. Having him at practice today for the first time in three weeks adds so much because he's making calls and making checks."

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