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Greg Blache Media Session

On if they need to get a big lead early against the Bengals:

"The way we played and the record we have over the past few weeks, we just better go out and see if we can survive, as opposed to jumping on and pouncing on somebody. What we need to do is get up off the mat, ball our fists and just execute and hopefully things will work in our favor. The worst thing we can do is feel like this is going to be any different than any other week. These people have some of the best wideouts in the business. They have three excellent wideouts. They have a quarterback that is special, that we played against before, that is very, very talented. They have backs that are capable. What we have to do is make sure these people don't get started and get rolling at our expense. We can't take these people lightly by any stretch of the imagination. Quite honestly, they are probably looking at us like a roast turkey, thinking 'Oh boy. We have a chance to beat up on somebody.' So, we can't go in there cocky. We better go in very, very aware because they are looking at us as an easy win."

On defensive tackle Anthony Montgomery:

"Anthony has always been a good player. Anthony was our starter last year. I always said that we have three good tackles. We just like to have three healthy, good tackles on the field at a time. Anthony has had a real good, fine season, particularly, the last few weeks when he has gotten more playing time, but Anthony has always been a real good player for us and that has never been an issue. It is just an issue of who starts and who rotates in."

On if having a strong locker room helps the team get through difficult times:

"No question, without question. Strong veteran leadership, it goes back … Merlin Olsen had a quote years ago that championship teams had a basis of strong veteran leadership and guys that competed and I think we have that. I think we have strong veteran leadership. I think that will help us. I think the whole issue this week became a big issue outside of the building probably more than it was in the building. I don't get in a fuss. I don't think that is going to be a distraction. What we have to do is just prepare to get back on our winning ways. We are in a sudden death situation and we have to go play."

On the defense:

"These guys practice hard, they compete and they look out for each other. I told them, we are struggling to win or lose right now, but I wouldn't trade my guys on defense. There is not a guy in the league, you swap this one for that one, I want mine. I'll play with the ones I have and be totally comfortable and confident. I have no interest in anybody else's. They are voting on the Pro Bowl. They can vote all they want. I have the best group of people and the best group of guys to work with in the NFL and there is no doubt in my mind about it. That is why I hurt for them when we don't succeed, because it is like there is a pain and you can't remove it and it hurts you as the leader because you can't give them the relief from the hurt because you know how hard they work at it."

On if the Cincinnati Bengals have struggled because they are without quarterback Carson Palmer:

"The quarterback is a part of it, but only because he has been kind of the personality of it, so they have gone through a little metamorphosis as far as (Ryan) Fitzpatrick. Fitzpatrick has done some good things. The thing that hurts them, which hurt us the past couple of weeks, is consistency. They have the ability. They do some good things, but it is consistency that gets you in trouble. I think you watch, they will have some big plays, some excellent plays. When I first started looking at film on them the beginning of the week, I was looking to see this bad football team, and you went 'When am I going to get this break? When are we going to find them?' They're not. They make some nice, nice plays. They do some excellent things, but they will have a penalty, they will miss a third down, they will do something that has hurt them. It is a matter of consistency, it is not talent. These guys are talented and they work hard. I am impressed by them."

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