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Gregg Williams Media Session

On Cowboys quarterback #11 Drew Bledsoe:

"I have a lot of respect for Drew, [his wife] Maura, the family, and all of the kids. He's a class guy. I think it's ironic that he got rejuvenated again down there. He was NFC Player of the Week [last week for his performance against San Diego]. He played very, very well last week. When I saw it on film, I had a big smile on my face. Anytime you have a [143.4] quarterback rating, I know that we have our work cut out for us. He's got a big arm and when he's hot, he's really hot. We're playing against a much, much better quarterback this week and a better football team in a tough environment, so defensively, we have our work cut out for us."

On whether Bill Parcells' system is benefiting Drew Bledsoe:

"Right now, he's playing very well. The way they have him utilized, the way that he is throwing the football, and [the fact that #21 Julius] Jones the running back is one of the tougher running backs that we played against last year, [the Cowboys] do a very solid job of coaching. Coach Parcells has a formula for the way that he wants them to play on offense, defense, and special teams. That's how you win close games. In order to have success in the NFL, to be a playoff-contending team, you have to win close football games. There was a close game last weekend [in which] the Cowboys did what they needed to do to come out with a win on the road. We have to deal in that same type of mentality when we go down there."

On the keys to disrupting Drew Bledsoe:

"A lot of that is how well we play up front. We're going to have to play solid up front. If they're able to run the football with the run-pass ratio [33 runs vs. 24 passes] that they did last week, it's going to be tough to get any quarterback not just Drew, but any quarterback. The secret to our success has been that people have had a tough time running the ball against us. When you get the quarterback in longer down and distances, sometimes you have a chance to rush the quarterback and get points on the board. It's going to be a fun game, but if they're able to run the football as effectively as they have been able to run the football, it will be a long night for us."

On whether Bledsoe has received an appropriate amount of respect around the league:

"There are not very many people who have thrown for over 40,000 yards in this league. He was a first-overall draft pick. He's a quality quarterback. He has sure gotten credit from me. I have a lot of respect for him."

On Cowboys running back #21 Julius Jones:

"He runs with a great body lean. They're involving him more in the passing game. It's interesting to see how Coach Parcells is making sure he gets the right number of touches each ballgame. They want to make sure that he touches the ball many times be it running the ball or in the passing game with stuff out of the backfield to him. He's a solid back. If he stays healthy, he's going to be someone you're going to have to reckon with for a long time. The knock on him is staying healthy, but the time that we played him last year, he got all of our players' attention."

On Cowboys wide receiver #84 Patrick Crayton:

"I see a comfort level in Drew [with Crayton]. Drew obviously likes him. He's a guy that has gotten a lot of attention in their offense in the pre-season. He had the big play against us last year, so our guys know who he is."

On whether last year's loss in Dallas still bothers him:

"Yeah, it does. That game sticks with me. All those kind of games do. I don't do this for a hobby. This is what I do. This is my profession. Every loss is agonizing. Every win is euphoric. It's so hard to win in the NFL. To play as well as we played last year, and then on the last couple of plays to let that game slip away from us, that's been something that our team has talked about this week. We have to go down and finish the deal this time. We didn't finish it last time."

On Cowboys wide receiver #19 Keyshawn Johnson:

"He is a tremendous football player. Not only with Drew, but [also] with Bill Parcells. We had a tough time with [Johnson] down there last year [without Bledsoe]. He owned us. He does all of the things that a receiver has to do outside of catching the ball. He catches the ball strong, but he's tough on the run front. He blocks well. He does a good job, from what I see, from the leadership standpoint, too. I think he's in the right kind of environment. He has thrived under Coach Parcells."

On injuries to Redskins DB, #25 Ryan Clark and LB, #58 Chris Clemons:

"Right now, [Ryan] has had two good days of practice. If he can get through this week of practice, he will be back in the mix. The big thing with Ryan is, since the Baltimore scrimmage, he has had very little practice. He needs to practice as much as he [needs to] play. If you guys will learn one thing about me, [it's that] if you don't practice, you don't play. He has a lot more practicing to do. Chris has been real strong in how he has bounced back. He has had more training camp practices and games than Ryan has. I think he'll be able to get back faster than Ryan."

On injured Redskins DT, #75 Brandon Noble:

"He's solid. He'll go down as one of my favorite guys. He is so strong. He overcomes all the adversity he has to overcome, and now he has a setback with his knee. We miss his leadership a bunch up front, we really do. We hope he gets back as fast as he can. If he's out for a while, maybe he'll take [former Redskins linebacker] Michael Barrow's place and coach for us this year. Michael Barrow coached last year, maybe Brandon will coach this year."

On whether DB, #21 Sean Taylor can help the Redskins offensively:

"I'm biased. I know I am. I think he is the best athlete on this football team. I've also said that I take great pride in being [like a] high school football coach. If he's the best player on the football team, why not find ways [for him] to put points on the board? I don't coach scared. I don't care about the injuries in this [sport]. It's going to happen. People are going to get hurt. That's just part of the game. Guys like him are going to play for a long time with very few injuries. If he can help us win games, that's what [Redskins owner] Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins pay him to do."

On how he would react to seeing a defensive player like Sean Taylor lined up on offense:

"Probably you would say that there is some type of special play [being called]. As soon as you can, you have to dissect: is he a decoy or is he a primary [target]? His skill level is renowned around the league, and people are going to know he is a primary. You can cover him as good as you want to cover him and he'll still make a play."

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