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Gregg Williams Media Session

On how Phillip Daniels (DE, #93) is handling playing with one injured hand:

"He has done that before for us. He has done that in his career. He is such an experienced vet that I trust him. I know he will be ready. We will protect him with good padding and a good tape job. I really feel he will be fine."

On the defense establishing itself better in the third quarter:

"We emphasize that. That is even how we practiced. We came out there and took over at the midfield at the start of the third quarter this past ball game. We got off on third down but then we had a guy with a cramp and all of the sudden they decided to go for it on fourth down. They converted it. I thought our guys did a great job coming out of the half on the goal line stand. We fought through that challenge play. I still scratch my head on that challenge play. We did a really good job on making them kick a field goal. We don't want to give up any kind of points but we monitor that sudden change when we take over at midfield. We did a pretty good job in that particular ball game in those conditions."

On the Tampa Bay defense:

"There is a lot of defensive pride down there. I have a lot of respect for Monte Kiffin, that group of coaches and that system they have been using. Both defenses will rise up and be playing as hard as they can. In that playoff game there were two prideful defenses that were playing hard. In the game during the middle of the season when there was an offensive shootout, there were two prideful defenses trying to hold on. They feel like they have a young quarterback to go against and we have a young quarterback to go against. It is going to be about systems. It is going to be how effectively the teams can run the football to protect those guys and minimize the shots."

On how practice was Thursday in the bad weather conditions:

"In all honesty, I was impressed with how we did practice today. Our communication was outstanding. Sometimes when there is another form of distraction it forces you to have to focus a little better. Defensively we had a very good practice. Obviously offensive coaches will say that the weather is conducive to defense plans during that kind of practice. We really communicated well. I was impressed with how Jason Campbell functioned. I thought he did a very good job in this bad weather. It is good for us to see as a coaching staff that he can handle that. Some quarterbacks don't throw the football well in wet conditions. That was about as wet as it could be with the wind and everything. He did a good job."

On if the quarterback change can boost the defense:

"Not unless he can play free safety, linebacker or maybe a pass rushing defensive end at times. Right now we have our own thing that we have to handle."

On Sean Taylor (S, #21):

"He is playing. He is doing fine. We have to continue to work hard to get him into positions to do things. I imagine everyone probably thought he didn't look like the same player because he didn't score when he picked up that blocked field goal against Dallas. He is fine."

On if he talks to Sean Taylor (S, #21) about the penalties he has been getting:

"Not only him, but anybody. He plays hard. All my life I have been trying to speed people up. I am not going to slow someone down. We have to make them make better decisions. You will see him pulling up on the sideline and you will see one official saying there is no contact and you see the other one throw the flag. He is trying to pull off. In that condition we had already seen the back cut back to the middle of the field. Those kinds of things happen. When he was coming down trying to make a play on kick off coverage he ended up hitting the face mask the same way someone hit his face mask on the field goal against Dallas. I don't want him to slow down. I want him to make better decisions but I don't want him to slow down."

On the lack of turnovers:

"We had a nice punch out this past week and it went to the other team. Marcus (Washington, LB, #53) did a nice job breaking on that second play of the ball game. We even coached it up that if we get a certain formation to start the ball game go play this. If it is something else blame it on me. He played it exactly the way we wanted he just didn't catch the ball. It will come. We need it as soon as possible."

On Tampa quarterback Bruce Gradkowski:

"He is very competitive. He does a very good job of making the extra play and doing the things that Coach Gruden wants in his offense. I think he has done a good job of playing with energy. The game is slowing down for him now and he has functioned within their offense."

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