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Helu Jr. Happy To Run Back In The Mix


With more than 200 yards on the ground in the fourth preseason game, the Redskins offense has solved the running back dilemma in the form of a four-pronged attack.

Running back Roy Helu Jr. was the latest of the Redskins backs to emerge in 2012, rushing for 90 yards on 15 carries, with a pair of touchdowns.  He flashed his dual-threat dominance with two catches for 34 yards.

After battling injuries to end last season and start training camp, Helu Jr. said it was nice to finally be back in the fold.

"It's just been a patient, enduring ride to get back out there," Helu Jr. said with a grin.  "Even being out there, I'm just grateful to get the opportunity to carry the ball again."

Fellow running back's Evan Royster and Tristan Davis were also scheduled to see more carries.  However, an early injury to Davis meant that Helu Jr. was going to get many more carries than expected.

"We had to adjust on the run," Helu Jr. said. "I had a couple of practices and then got out there.  I did alright for the type of reps I had coming into it, it was good."

A highlight of the game for Helu Jr. was a 15-yard touchdown run early in the third quarter.  He took the hand-off from quarterback Kirk Cousins, ran wide to the left and dove for the end zone; barley reaching the ball inside the pylon.

"I kept being patient and I also felt what was inside," Helu Jr. explained.  "Then I saw the corner back couldn't get off his block so I just decided to accelerate through there and then just kind of carried my feet through the end zone."

In the end, it is ultimately the coaching staff's decision on which ball carrier sees the most playing time week one against the Saints.  However, with the running back competition increasing with each game and practice, Helu Jr. knows he has to give it his all while on the field.

"I'm going to do my best and give my heart out whenever I get the opportunity," Helu Jr. said.  "The best man who's going to be fit out there for New Orleans is going to be whoever they choose.

"Guys are doing well, and stepping up so it's definitely hard."




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