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Here's Why The Redskins Special Teamers Made Practice Jersey Switch


It was a subtle change, but one that has some meaning behind it.

For as long as anyone could remember the Redskins' special teamers – the kicker, punter and long snapper – wore white during practices.

But last week, without any warning, Dustin Hopkins, Nick Sundberg and Tress Way came out to practice in the burgundy jerseys, the same ones the defense normally dons.


"After the Atlanta game, [Will] Compton came up to us and said, "Wearing white jerseys kind of gives you the wrong mentality. You want to be a guy that makes plays, be a defensive tackler you got to throw on the burgundy jersey,'" Sundberg told "We made a change, went the other direction and are going to see how it goes."

Sundberg hasn't shied away from laying down a few hits over the years.

As soon as the ball is out of his hands and spiraling towards Way, Sundberg is already sprinting down the field, trying to find either the returner or someone to move out of his oncoming charge.

"It's my job to fill a lane," Sundberg said. "If I got to make a tackle, I have to make a tackle. I try not to put myself in any new category. There are some snappers in the league that are excellent in coverage and great tacklers. I'm not particularly one of those guys. I'm working on trying to be one of those guys. I don't like missing tackles, so if I'm there I want to make a play and help my team however I can."




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