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Hoverboard Is Decked Out In Redskins Gear

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I wrote a good amount this summer about certain Redskins acquiring and riding on hoverboards, the latest trend in athlete transportation.

And, as more players started riding them around training camp and into the locker room, position groups quickly began putting them into their shopping carts.

Yeezy's ✖️ Hover Board Mrs. Griffin chillin on her #SpaceChariot Promo code RG3 for $150 off — Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) July 15, 2015

Now, they ride them to the bus and around the facility. It's natural.

The influence has now spread to the fans, or at least this one, who decided to take his new wheels and give them a Redskins theme.

These look like stickers (I smell a DIY-project) but it's hard to tell, so mission accomplished. 




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