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Jason Hatcher's 'Skins Style'


"Skins Style" looks back over the course of the Redskins' away games and lets a player analyze some of his trip attire from this past season.

For Jason Hatcher, fashion is a year-long enterprise. He selects a few new suits to get custom-fitted before training camp and enjoys mixing up his attire each week.

Always excited to discuss his style, Hatcher sat down to give us a window into his wardrobe.

Suit Designer: ALBA in Los Angeles, Calif.

Key accessory: Hat

"I saw Future started wearing it. I just got it and just kind of played with it. You can dress it up or you can go casual. You can put some jeans on and whatever. I like it because it complements everything that you wear."


Week 3: New York Giants

"It's the big apple, so I think this is my best suit that I have in my closet, and I really like this suit. I chose it. It was a prime time game. I just had to pull that one out."


Week 5: Atlanta

"That's just something that happened, [that] I just put together. I just threw that on. I just felt like being more casual, more urban look. I threw it together last minute. The hat is just a victory hat, one of my good luck hats. Every time I wore it we won, but we didn't do it in Atlanta. I love fashion and I love dressing. Now that I'm looking at it, I'm kind of like, 'I could have done some stuff different.'"


Week 6: New York Jets

"It's just the city. The Big Apple. You've got to come correct when you go to New York. This is my second best suit. So anytime I go to New York I like to be at my best because it's one of the most marketable places that you can go to. You want to dress the part."


Week 9: New England

"It's really not a whole lot to do with New England. It's kind of a laid back – I wouldn't say bored – but relaxed kind of place. That's why I kind of chose that. I put my fits to where I'm going."


Week 11: Carolina

"I did get this suit made the year I signed with the Redskins two years ago. I wore this one because I just wanted to put our team colors on. It was a big game for us and I really wanted to support my team because we were going against a good football team that I really wish we would have won."


Week 14: Chicago

"It's like half and half. That's just a cool suit, man. It's one of my favorites, too. I've got a lot of favorites."

Favorite outfit?

"My favorite would have to be [Week 3] but I get more compliments on the half and half. You can just do so much with it. I can go with the burgundy and pull it off. It's just a very unique cut suit they made. This is a classic man look, like Will Compton. I'm the old classic, he the young classic. I really like what Deion Sanders said a long time ago. You look good, you feel good, you play good, you get paid good, you live good. It works for me."




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