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Jim Zorn Friday Press Conference

On the team starting the regular season:

"I feel very confident that we are going to have the best group out there that will give us a chance to win. We will focus and zero in on some of the things that we really want to do. I feel we are in the beginning stages of being able to put our best foot forward with the absolute best group that we can put out on the field."

On the health of wide receiver Malcolm Kelly:

"Malcolm's knee is sore. It swelled up at the end of his pregame warm-ups. We have to develop a plan for him and I am not sure exactly what that is going to entail. We are going to meet in a short time and talk extensively about him, because it is up and down with him. We have got to get some consistency. We have been trying to get him on the field but it has been hard for him. We have to deal with the reality of his knee not responding well right now."

On how whether wide receiver Malcolm Kelly will stay on the active roster:

"That is one of the key decisions we have to make. His talent is there, we recognize it. We recognize that he is almost back. I do not know if we can afford, as a team, to keep him active unless we can predict or he can predict that he can come through."

On safety Kareem Moore's injured hamstring:

"It is just a strain. I don't know to what degree it is. We will have to wait and see. It is too early to see what he is going to be like."

On whether safety LaRon Landry will play against the Giants:

"I can't tell you that he is, but I am hoping that he is. He is practicing and we need him in there."

On whether linebacker/defensive end Jason Taylor will play against the Giants:

"If he doesn't progress well and he doesn't practice this week, I will probably hold him out and let him have one week. In these next three or four days we will get a much better feel. If he doesn't practice, I am not going to throw him out there on [Thursday]."

On the play of defensive end Erasmus James:

"I thought Erasmus was very aggressive last night. He got blocked on a chip and I think that kind of surprised him. I think he is very explosive. The more reps he gets, the better he is going to feel out there and the better we are going to feel with him out there."

On cutting the roster down to 53 players:

"It is going to be very difficult. I can get it paired down a little, but there are really a good handful of guys who I need to have a two or three hour meeting with everybody to get the mix right. I am not sure about five or six guys right now."

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