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Jim Zorn Media Session

On talking to the team about blogs and technology:

"It's something that nobody would ever really realize that we would have to deal with. So what I did was I just talked about the team, the idea that there's all this new technology out there that people have freedom to use but we don't have freedom really to use Redskins [information] and things that are really private to us. We don't have the luxury of putting that on anybody's blog or any internet situation. To me it was just a matter of addressing the team."

On getting Chris Cooley involved in the game:

"It really is a matter of calling the plays, getting the coverage, having the QB read and throw. We've had a lot more called that we've been shut down with, with Chris--not because of him, but because of the particular way teams have put the coverage on the field--and we've gone somewhere else."

On Durant Brooks saying that the team might bring in another punter to compete:

"I haven't had any reservations about thinking that he is going to get better and better. He's been working hard, he's got a great head on his shoulders. That might be his thought because he's seen that sort of thing going on around the league. This is a performance-based game. We're trying to grow with him, too. This is not a tryout for him; he's our punter."

On whether Chris Horton will start ahead of Reed Doughty:

"Not right now, no. We're very proud of his play, he was recognized for it around the league, and he just has to keep himself ready. Reed Doughty is back in there, over his illness, and we expect Reed to play just as well."

On the possibility that Devin Thomas might be the third wide receiver due to injury to James Thrash:

"I would say the more reps he gets out here the better he's looking. I think the hardest part for him is going to be doing it alone. When you're on the field with no coaches out there, you'd better know what you're doing. Right now, we can help him."

On the punt returner position:

"We have to have production from everybody, and certainly Antwaan (Randle El) has to have that production. He's a veteran player, and I certainly trust him back there to make some strides. Santana (Moss) has been working hard, and I can see us using both of those guys. Santana's always been ready, and he's got to perform. We'll see where the chips fall."

On the injuries to the receivers:

"I think that every team has its unique problem situations, and this is one that we're having to deal with. We'll continue to discuss more and more as we go along here what we need to do and where we need to shore up. It's not really about the first guy, it's more about the second and third guy, of who we have ready to go."

On facing the Cardinals defense:

"You see good players all over. Their scheme is good, they play hard, it starts with their front group to put pressure on the QB, and we have to be very good in our pass protection and stand strong."

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