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Jim Zorn On Drafting Brian Orakpo

On drafting Brian Orakpo No. 13 in the 2009 NFL Draft:

"We are very excited. Sitting there with sweaty palms, talking about it, what was going to happen. We feel very fortunate to get Orakpo at 13 and we feel like he is going to be an outstanding Washington Redskin from that defensive end position."

On how surprised the Redskins were that Brian Orakpo fell to No. 13:

"Yeah, I think we were surprised. There were a couple teams there they helped us basically in my mind, because they took players with their needs that didn't match ours and that was a real plus for us because we feel like he is an outstanding player."

On if Brian Orakpo will play defensive end:

"Right now we have him slated as a defensive end. He will eventually, if we fire zone or something like that, he will be in the secondary at some point, but right now he is coming in what we think is a pretty good pass rusher."

On if the Redskins thought they would get Orakpo when Cleveland traded out of the fifth spot:

"No, we thought that there were a couple other teams that needed a defensive position. So it wasn't just that Cleveland trade."

On if Orakpo was who the Redskins were targeting:

"He was one of them. I think there were three or four that we were hoping would be sitting there. He wasn't the only one left but he was the one that we felt would be the right choice for us."

On picking Orakpo shortly after getting on the clock:

"Exactly right. When we saw Denver take their guy at their need it was just a sigh of not so much relief, but excitement and kind of a couple fist poundings and we took him."

On if the Redskins tried to trade up:

"There were talks. There are just talks all the time. It is one team calling, but it is not even about that pick. We are talking all over the draft board and all over our draft slots. Yeah there were several calls, but it has to be right and in these situations, I mean the phone calls we had, it wasn't the right choice for us. It wasn't the right situation for us to do anything and we remained there hoping and hoping. There were some tense moments because we said, 'Oh for sure. He's going here. He's going here.' And then he fell to us."

On his reaction when the Jets traded with Cleveland for the fifth slot:

"To me it was an obvious comfort zone between the Browns and the Jets just because Mangini knew those players and I think the players were involved. I think I, much like you, just watched it and understood why they were working with each other."

On if Greg Blache is happy about drafting a defensive player in the first round:

"Yeah, I think he is very excited and one of the things that he is ready to do, you know he has several new players now to work with and the draft is not over so there could be other positions of need. Linebacker is in need and we'll certainly look at those situations as our slot comes forward. Certainly, he is excited about another defensive lineman in that group to rotate and help us on defense to get that ball back. Even though it's a defensive choice, it will help us on offense too."

On Brian Orakpo's production:

"Well, he missed four games. That was the thing I was concerned about. He missed four games with injury, yet he had 4 1/2 sacks. He had a better 2007. When he wants to use his speed, he has a great first step and he is powerful, I don't know if you've seen him, but he has a real powerful upper body and an explosive lower body. I think he is more of a mature kid than you will see. We are going to bring him in here on Monday, on Monday morning is when he is going to come in, and we will have a press conference and you will get to meet him and I think you will see that he is an outstanding young man."

On if the Redskins brought Brian Orakpo in for a visit and what stood out during his visit:

"Yes, we had him visit as well. Just that he had a good temperament. We like the way that he understands football. This wasn't so out of him comfort zone to fly around and meet staff. He was looking for the right place to come as well. I think that is the thing I was impressed with most, is that he wasn't nervous and he was understanding of what we were talking to him about as we were going."

On if the Redskins considered Michael Oher:

"All I can tell you is we had Orakpo ranked better than that. It fell in a logical order so we didn't have to make a decision based on where all these guys were bunched up."

On what the Redskins liked about Orakpo:

"The thing that I liked is his ability to get on the edge very quickly on the tackle. If you are a slow-footed tackle you are going to be reaching for this guy because of his initial explosion. Then what he can do is turn the corner. I think if you watch video on him, he will get up the field with a lot of speed and then he can change directions. I think he has done a nice job of chasing things down. He has a great acceleration. I think that is going to show up very quickly and I think and I think you will notice a difference in his ability as you see him. You will notice his ability, not a difference, but you will notice his ability as he comes in here and starts working."

On how Orakpo is against the run:

"That wasn't his forte. He was really an edge rusher. Those are some of the things that we are going to be working on with him. I think Greg (Blache) will get him the philosophy and the technique, really the assignments. He wasn't really asked to do that. When he came in there, he came in there to pass rush. That was really the college game at this time with the spread offense. It's not that he's going to be weak at that point but I think there is going to be a learning curve there."

On if Brian Orakpo will play this year:

"He is going to play. When you look at all of his games, when you look at all the things that he did, he actually played both sides. They even slid him down into a three-technique. Now I don't know if we will slide him down there because he is so strong, but they slid him down into a reduced front. But he did play both sides as well at the edge and I think he is comfortable on either side."

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