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Jim Zorn OTA Media Session

On the energy of practice:

"I thought the energy level was great and everybody worked hard. We had good work. Today was kind of a red-zone day, so we concentrated both offensively and defensively on that. Defense did a nice job and we had a few things go right on offense. It was a battle both ways. It was pretty good."

On Reed Doughty (S, #37) and Antwaan Randle El (WR, #82) missing practice:

"Reed (Doughty, S, #37) had to go to the hospital again to make sure he is taking care of his child. Antwaan Randle El (WR, #82) got a knee scope today. I haven't heard the results of it. They call it a floating body in his knee and they just went in took it out. I don't think any surgery is minor, but that was something that was fairly minor."

On Antwaan Randle El's (WR, #82) knee scope:

"He didn't tweak it. Sometimes those things just are in there and they create irritation, so they notice some swelling. They gave him an MRI and showed that there was just a little piece of whatever it was, a little piece of cartilage or something like that. They go in and suck it out then get on with it. He will be here for the next set of OTAs. This should be a three to four week deal I believe. We'll see. I haven't heard any report. This is just what the preliminary thoughts. When they went in, whatever they found they will fix and we will get him back going."

On Kedric Golston (DT, #64):

"He wasn't back. His ankle is still swollen, so he can't run. No use in getting him out here running around."

On what the coaching staff will do between now the next set of OTAs:

"Now we go back and evaluate all that we did and look to see what needs to be changed, as far as to get more exact, what we need to add or throw out and we need to start working on our training camp plan. As far as the master plan goes, putting the final playbook together and putting all the practices and all the drills we want to get done in practice, trying to get ready for that first game."

On how he will run practices during training camp:

"It will be two-a-days, and then you will see some days will be a morning practice and a special teams practice in the afternoon. There won't be anything else but special teams. There will be a heavy morning practice. We will be in full gear in the morning a lot of the days and then shorts and shells in the afternoon."

On what he likes about OTAs:

"What I really like about it is just all the terms are being laid out, as far as formations, huddles and the procedures. What we are doing now is getting to know what we are going to be doing in training camp, how the practice is going to be structured and then being able to see who can catch on. The more we can get in now and give them it won't be something new once we get to training camp, it will just be review. We just have to continue to push towards getting the team as far down the road as we can. This really helps that way."

On if there are position battles going on right now:

"That will be for training camp. There are no pads. Everybody is in the same boat. I know Santana (Moss, WR, #89) is going to start and Clinton Portis (RB, #26) is probably going to line up and be our back. Things like that I do know. Jason Campbell (#17) is going to be our QB. As far as the battles go, the ones we have question marks in, I couldn't tell you."

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