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Jim Zorn Post-Game Press Conference

On his feelings of the offense's performance tonight:

"Tonight was very frustrating, offensively. We did not put a drive together. We didn't even get in the red zone, the closest we got was the 23-yard line. The frustrating thing was that their front four beat us and we couldn't amount any consistency with our offense. On defense, we played their hearts out. They really gave [the offense] opportunities with some of the fourth-down stands that they had. And barring one play, the 69-yard pass to [Jason] Whitten, we handled it pretty well. It's frustrating."

On his feelings on the game:

"The hardest thing for me is to watch our team lose to that team because of the division rivalry and seeing too many blue jerseys having a good time in our stadium. That's hard for me."

On his feelings of not winning any division games this season:

"It's very hard. It's devastating to be 0-6 and not win a division game. We have to look past this now and we've still got one game left. I want to get five wins. We're going to prepare and come back and take this long trip and we're going to try to win it in San Diego, that's all we can do."

On if there were any issues between him and Albert Haynesworth after Haynesworth was sent home from last Friday's practice:

"He voiced his opinion. It was unfortunate and yet a frustration over what we feel, not winning. I think we handled it. It was said, discussed and put to rest. We moved on. These were not incidents that happened on the field. Everyone was working hard together to try and win this football game."

On how he is not allowing job speculations with the team to distract him from coaching:

"I'm going to try to keep concentrating on this final game. We've had a lot of unfortunate things happen, but we're 4-11, so there are a lot of difficult things to handle. I'm not going to concern myself at this particular time with speculation because those are tough questions to answer. I am going to try and push forward and try to help lead this football team in this final week of the season. That's what I'm going to be concerned about."

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