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'Jim Zorn Show': For Zorn, Spagnuolo a Familiar Foe


When Jim Zorn looks across the field on Sunday, he will see a familiar counterpart on the opposing sideline.

Steve Spagnuolo, the St. Louis Rams' new head coach, served as the New York Giants' defensive coordinator the last two years. He guided a dominant Giants defense that shut down Zorn and the Redskins in 2008, limiting the offense to just two touchdowns in eight quarters.

In preparing for Sunday's game against St. Louis at FedExField, Redskins coaches are doing their homework on Spagnuolo.

"We have looked at [the Rams] extensively from what they have done this year, and we can look back at what the Giants did a year ago and get some ideas from that," Zorn said.

"But they have come out and showed what they were going to do [in Week 1 and in preseason]. He has some of the same ideas that he had in New York and he is trying to do some different things as well."

Zorn offered his scouting report of Spagnuolo and the St. Louis Rams during his weekly appearance on "The Jim Zorn Show," airing on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. ET on NBC-WRC 4. The show is hosted by Den Hellie and Larry Weisman.

Spagnuolo hails from the Philadelphia Eagles coaching tree, where he tutored under the late Jim Johnson for eight years.

Like Johnson, Spagnuolo became known for an aggressive pass rush and creative blitzes when he moved on to the Giants.

"In my mind, our preparation is more about our execution because our rules are sound," Zorn said. "We can block most of the things that teams throw at us."

This week's edition of "The Jim Zorn Show" also includes a Redskins Legacy feature on George Allen and a chalk talk session on the Cover 2 defense.

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