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Jim Zorn Training Camp Media Session


On his relationship with running back Clinton Portis:
"I think our relationship has grown. He didn't know me when I first came in here and I didn't know him. I think based on what he did in the OTAs, mini-camp and stuff like that, he worked really hard, he really did. I was very impressed on what he did. Today he came out here and worked. I think we have a very good relationship but that is because we have communicated. Even all the stuff about us having an incident, that is just us trying to communicate, trying to be up front with each other and knowing how each other feels. I'm trying to anticipate some of those issues before they even rise up."

On what he wishes he would have handled differently last year:
"I wouldn't have known that there would have been any problems. But, I think that you have to communicate well. Everybody is different, nobody is the same. I think the idea is to get on the same page eventually, and that's what we did."

On how Jason Campbell can get better in the red zone:
"Well, for me, I have to call the right play, number one. Number two, I think I'm not that disappointed in his play in the red zone. I am more concerned about getting to the red zone because once we got there, we scored. We just didn't get there enough to have any sense of dominating there. My goal is to get there. I think Jason [Campbell] has worked hard and has gotten himself prepared for a tremendous football season. I couldn't tell you right yet where our deficiencies are."

On how much running back Clinton Portis will work in the preseason:
"He is going to practice, that is just part of it. We've talked about preseason already. There will be a couple more of those conversations about the exact details of it and stuff like that. I think we are pretty much on the same page now."

On Chris Samuels' and Randy Thomas' injuries:
"We'll put on full pads on Saturday morning. We will have a full padded practice. I will limit what they do and how many times they practice a day. When we have two-a-days both of those guys will be limited to one-a-day practices. Unless the practice is non-contact or finesse practice and, if you will, timing practices. Any of the hard contact practices they will sit out and let someone else go in."

On Randy Thomas' and Chris Samuels' injuries:
"I was excited to see Randy [Thomas] this year, after having two surgeries, being able to just jump right in and go hard. He didn't show any signs of having to sit out. Chris Samuels is down under 310 and he has a mission for himself. I saw a great first day from both those two guys and really our whole line. They put a lot of work in. Our defensive line challenged them right back. They aren't going to sit back and take punishment at all so it is very competitive on the line of scrimmage."

On if there is one individual that could impact the team:
"Albert [Haynesworth] will have a dramatic impact. It may not be seen in tackles or sacks but it is going to be seen in how an offense prepares for us. You are going to see other guys making plays, and you're going to think they are having a great year, but some of that is going to be Albert creating problems on the line of scrimmage."

On Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly's improvement:
"They could come out, participate and work on the details of their game. I thought that Devin [Thomas] did a nice job out there with his speed and getting behind the defenders and Malcolm Kelly with his explosiveness off of the line of scrimmage, and what he is working on now is what to do after that. Pushing vertical, getting in and out of breaks and then finishing the play by catching the ball. Those are the things that we will continually work on. We have 34 practices before training camp is over and now we have 33. We have a long way to go."

On players giving up during practice:
"We have a few guys that were close. Close enough to where I feel comfortable. One of the guys that stopped last year and I'm going to single him out because I thought he did a great job, was Fred Smoot. Fred Smoot knew that he could not meet the pass. But this year he was right on them."

On linebacker London Fletcher:
"I don't want to get him sore. His arch, you know, is the thing he tore last year. I just want to make sure, now that he's starting to really explode and practice full speed, to watch out. I think coaches just get a little nervous."

On defensive tackle Lorenzo Alexander:
"He is tremendous and he can play multiple positions as well. What you like about him is that every play he is going all out. He continues to improve and continues to be a real valuable part of our team."

On Jeremy Bridges playing tackle instead of guard:
"We will see where he ends up. But we are looking for a guy who can play multiple positions. I am looking and he is looking for him to earn a starting spot. By playing him in different spots we're going to find that right spot for him. Whether he starts or becomes a swing guy that is down the road a ways. I am glad he is here and he looks like a guy who is going to be a tough guy and a guy who can play a couple of positions."

On tackle Mike Williams:
"He absolutely moved better [than OTAs]. I think his change of direction will come but there is a lot to learn. He is trying to communicate, he is trying to work with the guard and he is trying to work with the tackle and tight ends. He is trying to understand the rules and we are going to bombard these guys now with installs so we can put this offense in."

On the overall assessment about how the first day went:
"I expected things to go better [than last year] and they did. I think it is because our players have real knowledge of offense, defense and what we expect of special teams. Everybody worked fast. Last year I was really complaining about the lack of tempo and I realized after awhile it was really a lack of knowledge of the terminology, the vocabulary and how we were going to do this. Our guys worked really hard, pretty impressive of the recall from our OTAs. Now we got evening meetings and try to stress it again and try to pressure them to learn to absorb a lot of information."

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