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Jim Zorn Training Camp Media Session

August 18, 2009 Redskins Park


On defensive tackles Anthony Montgomery and Kedric Golston losing playing time with the addition of Albert Haynesworth:"I do not think they are too concerned. They are going to play. They may not get to run out and waive to the crowd before the game. They are a vital part of our defense and I think they know that. I think everybody is excited that Albert [Haynesworth] is here. I don't think there will be a lot of hard feelings.

"They are guys that like to grab some yardage away from the offense. I call them perpetrators. I just talked to Grif (Cornelius Griffin). He was really excited about a couple of the things we are doing and he had a smile on his face after practice."

On the one-on-one drill between the offensive and defensive lines:"We are going against good d-linemen so we are getting better. I like what Buges (Joe Bugel) is doing because he is talking about technique. If these guys can change their technique to be more consistent which is what Buges is looking for, we will be able to block the toughest guys."

On the defense potentially being more intimidating this season:
"We have both the combination of power and speed now. We had a little speed last year but now we have more. We had a little bit of power last year, now we have a full core. Our guys have stayed healthy. We are looking forward to seeing what we can do during the season. Those guys will earn everything they get. They are not going to walk on the field and think everybody is going to lie down. They are not saying that either. We are just excited about the opportunities we are going to have to work."

On what he will be looking forward to out of tight end Fred Davis on Saturday:"He has got a lot of pride in his own game. I don't think we will have to worry about his ball security. He is going to be conscious of hanging onto the ball. Our tight end coach is very conscious of helping him hang onto the ball. We have been doing different, distracting drills and he has made a good effort to make sure he secures the ball before he turns and runs."

On wide receiver Santana Moss's importance to the offense:
"He likes to play. He doesn't even like to watch in practice. It sharpens his game and I think he thinks that about practice and game time. He caught over 70 balls last year. He did not care if he had 5 catches, 15 catches or 1 catch. He was in there working and keeping his game sharp."

On today's 11-on-11 drill being a result of his comments about soft play:
"No, today's practice was already planned. It was a tough practice. Our guys had a chance to see how they were going to do when it was super hot and they were tired. The softness I was referring to was more about giving up 500 yards of offense. Some of the stuff that we have been shutting down here did not transfer because we were playing against a different opponent so your cushion on defense maybe a little softer. It was not soft from the standpoint of blocking. We were playing pretty hard. We did not have as good of a run game as we need to have. Our pass protection broke down later on after out first group was in there. Those were the things that we have to become harder about."

On his impressions from practice:
"In our blitz drill, I thought we did an excellent job of picking up the blitz. In our team drill, it was a little of both. Our defense does not back down. I came in to ask if anyone was tired on the offensive line and I got kicked out of the huddle. Those guys are taking pride in what they are doing as well."

On Marko Mitchell as a wide receiver:
"I think he is really improving. He wants to do the right thing. He made a couple of adjustments in practice today that show he pays attention and can adjust. That is a sign of a guy progressing to make this football team."

On safety Chris Horton:
"I don't think it is a fluke he is playing our starting strong safety position. I think he is football savvy guy who is not afraid to hit when he comes across to blitz or when he comes across to cover a guy one on one. I think he is still learning. He is so much more comfortable this year that he will start game one instead of moving into it. The situation of drafting a guy that low and having him come in and really be a solid player is pretty remarkable."

On cornerback Carlos Rogers' response to losing his starting position last season:
"I think he was frustrated because he sees himself as a starter. I think he felt someone else was playing his position. One of the things that happens when that happened is a real pro player gets back in line and waits for that opportunity again to come up and then shuts the door. That is what Carlos is doing now. He has been dealing with a calf injury and is working his way back. He is getting better and better as we go along."

On seeing defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth in live action:
"I am eager that he finally gets to show a little bit of what he can do. I am more eager that we are gearing up to play the regular season. He is going to take some snaps. I want to see him play a whole game and be a wrecking crew and get his wrecking crew going the whole game."

On free safety LaRon Landry potentially being more dynamic as compared to last year:
"The thing that happened to LaRon was he pulled his hamstring. It was much more severe than anybody had thought. It took him a while to get going. He missed a whole training camp basically. I think he was getting up to speed the first part of the season. I think he finished very strong. I think he finished where he would have started last year had he not got that hamstring injury. Right now he is playing fast and confident. He knows what he can do, how much speed he has and how to arrive on time with an attitude. For a free safety that can play both strong safety and free safety, it is good for the home team"

On free safety LaRon Landry making more highlight type plays:
"He is going to make those plays but it is because he is playing well. I don't need him to go off and do his own thing. He needs to play within the team defense. The team defense will be set up for him to make his plays when they are available. I am hoping as our pass pressure increases we will have more balls thrown early where he will have more opportunities."

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