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Joe Gibbs Day-After Press Conference

On how the Redskins played defensively against the Raiders:

"I think defensively we did some real good things. That is why you hate to play a game like this. There are going to be some outstanding play that is not going to be focused on because you lose. They averaged 1.7 yards per rush, that is one of our goals. We averaged 4.0 yards per rush. I told our team today that one of the hardest things you can get is a physical team that plays very physical against the run. I think we have that to be truthful. It is a shame that we let some of these other things keep us from winning football games but it is something that we have to correct. We tackled outstandingly. I think we had 11 yards after hits. In other words after all of our tackles they only gained 11 yards, which means we are tackling extremely well. We played excellent on the goal line. We scored a touchdown on defense. Sudden change was excellent. When they got the ball when we did turn it over to them our defense played extremely well. We were 100% in the red zone. We caused two more fumbles which we didn't get. We held two of their biggest producers, (Randy) Moss and (Lamont) Jordan, and contained them. I think we did a lot of good things on defense. We had one penalty on there, which was intentional at the end of the game. We gave up two explosive passes and we gave up one drive for a field goal that was 90-yards, so that was a negative for us. Our second half third down play wasn't as good. But we did a lot of real good things on defense."

On how they played on special teams against the Raiders:

"Our kickoff coverage was good and our kickoff return was good. We had a heck of an opportunity to score on our last kickoff. John Hall kicked the ball extremely well. We had four kicks that were inside the 20, two re-kicks on second effort was excellent. We gained 42-yards on those two exchanges where we chose to take the penalty and kick again. We need some better punting at times. We had one penalty, which was a holding, and we lost the field position battle which is something that we always want to try and win. They put the ball in play at the 27 and we put in play at the 25."

On how the played offensively against the Raiders:

"To sum it up on offense we had three alignment and procedure penalties. So we had three penalties which we can correct and which we should correct because they shouldn't happen to us. We had three holding penalties, two turnovers, and two sacks. In between there we played some good football. You are not going to have that series of circumstances and score points and we didn't. You have to score with your offense. You can't wind up with six points offensively. I would say last week we lost a high scoring game very close and this week we lost a low scoring game very close and that sums it up. We rushed with 27 carries and 4.0 (average) so we won the rushing battle there. We didn't score points and I think we hurt ourselves."

On RB #26 Clinton Portis:

"Clinton has played his living guts out and plays very physical. We don't want him fumbling the football and he is the last guy that wants to turn it over. You go with the people that are playing good for you. Certainly Clinton is one of those that is laying it on the line for us. He has played physical all year. Like I said you admire someone when they are laying it on the line. I think he does for the teams and he plays great without the ball."

On how much of the offensive struggles have to do with the injuries to the wide receivers:

"We have lost two receivers in a week. What it caused us to do yesterday was change some of our packages. We had to do a lot of shuffling on the field. It did cause us some problems formation wise and it also limited some of the things we could do."

On H-Back #45 Mike Sellers:

"I talked to him a few minutes ago. We spent extra time with him in the locker room last night. They took him to the hospital because they wanted to watch him. They were concerned because he had a tough time breathing right after the game. We got him out of there and took him to the hospital. We need to pray for him because he had a real disastrous thing with his family too before the game. We were all set up to get him out of there and get him to the airport. When he got that injury, which by the way was a hit square in the back with a helmet. To his credit he is one of the toughest guys I have ever seen. We actually thought he was out and told him he was out. Next thing you know I look up and he is back in there. He had a tough time breathing and we took him to the hospital and took a real long hard look at it. He just walked up to me about 45 minutes ago. He is back out of the hospital. He is extremely sore today but to be truthful knowing him they said he will probably be out this week but will have a chance to play next week. We feel very fortunate there that we didn't get something like he broke a bunch of ribs or something like that. We feel good about that."

On what they need to do going down the stretch:

"We have a lot at stake. We are 5-5 and we are playing San Diego. I think our approach this week is that we need to win a football game. We have lost two close ones as I have mentioned the high scoring game then we lost this one where we didn't score points. I think we are all together here. I think what we need to do and the best thing we can do is get ourselves up to play the best game we can play against San Diego. They are one of the best teams in the AFC. They are coming in here at 6-4 and we are going to have to play our hearts out. There may have to be some people that step up for us with some of the injuries we have too. I think that is our big focus right now."

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