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Joe Gibbs Day-After Press Conference

On the team in general:

"First of all I would like to say that I love our football team. I love our guys. I think they have done every single thing that we have asked them form day one. They worked hard in the off season. I think they have great heart. We fought our guts out. What happened to us I don't know. We have had three tough losses and a total really of five tough losses of course three in a row. I wouldn't want a different group to coach. These are the guys that I like. I like every single thing about them and we are in this together. I think it is going to be up to us and we are going to see what is going to happen down the road. I hate for this to happen from a fan stand point. I talked for a long time last night with Dan (Snyder) on the phone and I told the players this. He thinks the world of our team. He thinks we have heart and fight and I think that is what we have. We just have to find a way to close games and win football games. I think generally overall we are all together on it. There are things we could have done on (special) teams to win the game. Certainly things we could have done on offense to win the game and things we could have done on defense. To me personally we are all together and it will be all of us together that fights our way out of this."

On how they played offensively against San Diego:

"We had so many players that made great efforts and made great plays for us. I was probably the most worried going into this game that I can remember on pass protection. This team really blasted people and went after quarterbacks and I felt like they were a great pass rush team. I though our pass protection for the game was excellent. We worked very hard on it. All of our guys I thought did great job. We wanted to stay after the run. I felt like we did. We just didn't average what we want per rush. We didn't get the job done rushing the football. I think what really cost us offensively was third downs. We didn't convert third downs. Then of course the big thing at the end of the game we get the ball back down there. The defense made a great play and we got the ball at the 31. We knocked it down in there to about the 22 on two runs. We all know that we got a penalty there and came back. Still we are sitting there at the 35. That is something that we work on all the time. You have to find a way to get back into good field goal position. We had two plays there. The first one was a rushing play the second one was a boot and we didn't get the job done there. We wound up losing an opportunity. On offense we had terrific efforts by guys."

On C #61 Casey Rabach's performance:

"Casey Rabach played across one of the best defensive lineman I have seen and in thought he played his guts out. I think I will make that as a focus where a guy can play an entire game like that, fight his guts out and make a ton of plays for you. You hate that the focus gets on something like that where there is a penalty. Hey great effort going forward. It is just one of those things that happened to us."

On how they played defensively against San Diego:

"Defensively I felt like we had one of the best game plans that I have seen our defensive put together. I think it is some of the best pressure that has been put on their quarterback for the whole year. This is a Pro Bowl kind of quarterback and his rating was at about 36% for the game. We had three interceptions. We thought our defense played very physical and went after things. We did pretty well in the rushing game until towards the end of the game. Weather we got left out there too long or whatever it was. You have to give them credit too they have a heck of a running back. They wound up getting some runs on us. They gave us four explosion plays there. We did have four penalties there that our guys listed as negatives for our defense."

On how they played on special teams against San Diego:

"On special teams they kind of won the field position there. They put the ball in play at the 33. We had a couple of returns on kick off that really hurt us that we are going to take a long hard look at. We punted the ball a bunch, nine times, and had fantastic punt coverage. It was just as good as anything I have seen. Guys were hustling. We had Khary Campbell make five tackles and Pierson (Prioleau) make five tackles. What happens in a game like this you wind up having some great efforts and it really kind of gets lost in the fact that you lose the football game."

On if there is anything that he can put his finger on offensively in the fourth quarter in terms of all of the three-and-outs and not being able to take time off of the clock:

"When we look at it and analyze it we go play by play and we know what happened. But I don't think it is any one thing. In the passing game I think we really hurt ourselves, we had been pretty good on the year, but in this game we didn't convert third downs. We had opportunities there but didn't get that done. I would say if you want to put one single category there we have had a lot of third downs and one, two, three, four, fives and sixes and we had been pretty good about picking those up and we didn't, particularly late in the game.'

On what the team has to play for the rest of the season:

"I think we have a ton to play for here. Each one of the games is precious to us. We need to get back on the winning track. That's first of all. I think everybody can take the numbers and see the numbers. We have five wins and we have five games left. Everybody can do the numbers on that. Their focus is trying to win a football game. We need to try and win a football game. Now we are going to be on the road for two tough weeks. I think that is our focus, what can we do to try and beat the Rams. As far as down the road what it means is that we have a lot to play for."

On CB #22 Carlos Rogers:

"I felt like Carlos, like I said from day one, when he got back healthy I think he looks real comfortable out there and I think he feels like he belongs out there. He is a heck of an athlete. I think we all know how fast he can run, what kind of athlete he is and I think he is an all around player. That is why we drafted him up there. I think in this game he made a bunch of plays and it was good seeing that. From where I was standing any way I think he made a number of plays that really stood out."

On defensive tackles #96 Cornelius Griffin and #95 Joe Salave'a:

"I thin Cornelius played in the game and we kind of upped his plays as he went along and I think he came out of it real well. I think Joe is one of the toughest guys like we have said. I don't think many people would be in there playing. It is not something that you can injure any more but I think he felt another pop. If I had to guess it will take us a little while to get him back."

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